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BPH: treatment of folk remedies
BPH is an overgrowth of the prostate tissue and the appearance of "knots" and tumors that obstruct the urinary flow. This disease is very common and requires careful, professional treatment…

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Balsam Golden star

The majority of the people of the Soviet generation well-known balm, then called the Vietnamese asterisk. Whether then we misread, or he changed the name, this balm is now called gold Star. He has been, made in Vietnam, is widely known both at home and around the world. If anyone remembers, at one time this balm completely disappeared from our drugstores, but then appeared again, still the same red bottle and gold star. However, in the original composition there was no eucalyptus, but then appreciating the wonderful properties of eucalyptus oil, it was added to the balm.

Oddly enough, but the composition and ingredients of this ointment are simple and accessible, but neither the Vietnamese, nor after them, no reason this balm is not trying to produce. Based on the herbs and substances that are commonly used in Vietnamese folk medicine. The Vietnamese, like other Asian peoples, great attention is paid to the nerve points on the body, massage, physiotherapy and homeopathy. With reference to this was made this ointment for use in these procedures.

You may be useful to know the true manufacturer of balm Golden star. It danapha the Vietnamese pharmaceutical company, Danapha Pharmaceutical JSC, located in zentralkomitee in the city of da Nang.

A modern version of balm has long been much more extensive, because in addition to the traditional ointment in the red tin, you can buy the same liquid balm and a pencil specifically for inhalation. The basis of these drugs are the same, but depending on the destination adds a variety of active and useful substances. Of course, the packaging was different. Came out and another variant of balsam Golden star, this is purely a massage gel with a warming and relaxing effect. It does not apply to medicines, and is a cosmetic, although the packaging and the description of the application it is very similar to a traditional balm.

Useful properties of a balm

Balm is soothing, anti-inflammatory, soothing and anti-Allergy agent.

Indications for use

Balm is very effective for colds, relieves and helps with sore throat, influenza and ARI, and such symptoms as headaches, dizziness, helps at a cold. In addition to this wonderful balm relieves itching after insect bites.

If you use for colds inhaled a pencil, then it works as an antiseptic, very effective pencil and in the treatment of rhinitis. When colds only begin in the nasopharynx arise unpleasant feeling of dryness and inflammation, the pencil will be very useful in such symptoms.

Balm application

The application of the balm depends on which area of the body, and at what disease it is used:

in case of headache, the balm is rubbed in the scalp on the occipital tubercles on the crown and at the temples;

if you are concerned about runny nose, then apply the balm under the nostrils, not touching the nasal mucosa;

effective drug for colds, coughs, the balm should be rubbed on the chest and back;

the bites of mosquitoes and midges neutralized balm, a couple of minutes the itching is completely absent.

Inhalation pencil is applied in accordance with the instruction, he breathed into the nostrils, 1-2 of breath in the nostril, 12-15 times a day.

Caution in the use of

Because the balm is intended for use outside, avoid getting it inside, on mucous membranes of eyes, nose and mouth, and you can not put a balm on open wounds. Some components can cause allergic reactions, then rinse with hot water already done the preparation. Carefully use a balm if there are pimples and ulcers, balsam should not get these seats.


Despite the fact that the balm consists of natural herbs and substances, it has a number of contraindications:

allergic reaction to components of the drug components;

it is prohibited to use children under 5 years of age, the drug may be too strong for the weak child’s body, can be allergic reactions.

All allergic manifestations are accompanied by a skin rash and redness, often inflamed mucous membranes. May be obstructed nose breathing because of an allergic tumor. Before you apply the balm the gold star, first check your body will work using small dose. Take a little balm and apply on the secure area of the body, on the arm or chest that easily then could have cleaned. If after a few hours without seeing redness, or severe burning, so the body normally refers to the drug.