Physical therapy is a complex therapeutic effect on the human body by using physical factors. These factors can be naturally occurring or be created by man in the process of…

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BPH: treatment of folk remedies
BPH is an overgrowth of the prostate tissue and the appearance of "knots" and tumors that obstruct the urinary flow. This disease is very common and requires careful, professional treatment…

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Against tachycardia – folk remedies treatment

For the treatment of tachycardia folk remedies you can use the following recipes:

Tablespoon ground coriander brew 200 ml of boiling water, leave for two hours. Infusion strain and take 50 ml twice a day. Treatment conduct courses for 30 days, break for 10 days. During the break, take a different drug from tachycardia.

Fee: 200 grams of powdered Valerian root, 200 g of chopped herbs Leonurus, 100 g of yarrow herb, 100 grams of the crushed fruits of anise. Brew in a thermos tablespoon of collecting 300 ml of boiling water, caulk and leave for one hour. Strain the infusion and drink throughout the day uniform portions. The infusion of this collection with tachycardia need to take courses for 40 days, with a break.

Tincture of fresh lemon balm: 100 g of chopped herbs pour 200 ml of alcohol, insist 10 days under the hood. Finished tincture strain and remove the herb. Take the medicine 4 times a day a teaspoon in 50 ml of water. Lemon balm tincture can be prepared from both fresh and dry herbs. Tablespoon of herbs without slides (if Melissa fresh) brew 200 ml of boiling water, insist one hour. Strain the infusion and take 100 ml twice a day. Preparations of lemon balm can be used for a long time and even for treatment during pregnancy.

Cynoglosse chopped herbs Adonis boil for 100 seconds in 300 ml of water on a quiet fire. Insist half an hour under a warming cap, strain. Take the medicine one tablespoon three times a day. Every 20 days of treatment make a break for five days. Adonis will contain cardiac glycosides, so its intake should not exceed this dose.

The European susnik (betony). This is a very effective remedy for tachycardia and other heart rhythm disorders, which can be applied continuously. Fill the top jar 500 ml chopped fresh herb Sosnica, pour in a bottle of rubbing alcohol, close tightly. Insist 20 days at a temperature of 20-25°C. Strain the infusion, wring it out well there the grass. Take the medicine twice a day 20 drops, diluted in a spoonful of water. Treatment conduct courses for 30 days, with a five-day break.

Take dried calendula flowers and dried crushed roots of Valerian. Store the components separately. One tablespoon of Valerian root and calendula flowers brew in a thermos 400 ml of boiling water, tightly close. After three hours, strain the infusion. Take 100 ml 4 times a day. The course of treatment 20 days. After a week, if necessary, can be repeated a course. The recommended treatment for 20 days once a quarter.

Gathering for strengthening of the nervous system: the flowers of the medicinal chamomile, peppermint, Valerian root, fennel fruit, caraway fruit. All components must be as crushed, in equal proportions. Prepare this infusion before bedtime: tablespoon collection brew 200 ml of boiling water, insist hour, strain. The course of treatment 20 days.

A soothing collection for the nervous system. An equal amount of dried leaves of bean trefoil, peppermint leaves, roots of Angelica archangelica mix to make a collection. Spoon collection pour 200 ml boiling water, on a quiet fire boil two minutes, remove from heat and place under a warming cap for three hours. Ready infusion of strain, take 100 ml twice a day.

For the treatment of tachycardia, prepare a water infusion of roots of Dioscorea. Teaspoon crushed roots pour 300 ml boiled water at 90°C, heat for half an hour in a water bath, without boiling. Cool and strain the infusion. Take a tablespoon twice a day after meals.

Heart tea. Pour into a thermos tablespoon of crushed fruits of a hawthorn, a dogrose, a teaspoon of full-leaf green tea, a teaspoon of chopped herbs Leonurus. Pour into a thermos 500 ml of boiling water, insist half an hour. Drink in two doses. Take this tea as a medicine for 20 days courses with a break of 10 days.

Tea that restores normal functioning of the heart muscle. Crushed hawthorn fruit, peppermint leaf, Valerian root, motherwort herb, crushed black chokeberry’s fruits, herb oregano, herb peony, crushed hips. These components can be dried and make a collection of equal parts, as can every day to mix the required amount of fresh. For continuous intake is recommended every 20 days to be excluded from the collection of Valerian roots and grass peony for 12 days. Daily three times a day prepare the infusion: a teaspoon brew 200 ml of boiling water, insist half an hour. Strain and drink at once. Take the medication only in this dosage.

Nuts with honey. Every evening an hour before bedtime eat this mixture: two walnuts chopped and mixed with two teaspoons of honey and a slice of lemon. Slowly ProSuite and follow with 200 ml of pure water. After that nothing more in the evening do not eat and go to sleep. This treatment should continue for up to two years, you can take breaks of 10 days every 40 days.