Prostatitis treatment of folk remedies
Prostatitis ω is called an inflammatory disease of the prostate. The main reason for its development – infection and the risk factors – sedentary lifestyle, casual sex, hormonal disorders, hypothermia…

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Treatment gout folk remedies at home: is it possible?
Reasons Although folk remedies for gout attacks seldom have an effect on the immediate cause of its occurrence, to know them all the same. So, causes of gout include: The…

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Medical information

The method of constructing medical devices

Moves further than medical science in understanding the nature of cancer, the more complicated and razvetvlenii understanding of its specific manifestations. Therefore, you should talk about cancer as the wide range of malignant manifestations, affecting almost all the organs, giving a variety of types of clinical features. Serious medicine takes into account not only the risk for each organ or area of the body to become an object of malignant degeneration, but also risks caused by the patient’s age, gender, membership in a particular social group, residence in a particular region of the globe, etc. In the developed countries cancer is the second disease after cardiovascular cause of death. But not every form of cancer produces deadly threat. And in any case, the detection of early signs often gives a chance for cure and full recovery. So almost more important than finding methods of treatment is prevention, early diagnosis of cancer. the ability to apply emergency measures in case of identifying signs of cancer.

Many forms of cancer are age. It is therefore particularly important to prevention in older people. Other risk factors:


alcohol consumption

poor nutrition

frequent stress

environmental violations

contact with dangerous hemidesmosome, for example, synthetic dyes

the influence of radiation, ultraviolet

Modern medicine distinguishes between the following forms of cancer (irrespective of losses):

infiltration (tumor cells gradually transition local borders and spread to neighbouring organs, tissues and parts)

destructive (affecting immediately different fabrics)

metastasis (the tumor remains local but metastasizes to other parts of the body, not only to neighbouring but also distant, besides differing in the structure of tissue, a malignant tumor of the prostate may give metastases to the bone)

special (for example, intermediate between malignant and benign tumors, the typical manifestation of which is basal cell carcinoma, and precancerosis, that is “pre-cancerous”, among which most often meets with cervical neoplasia intraepitelial)

The most common forms in men are:

lung cancer

colon cancer

prostate cancer

pancreatic cancer

stomach cancer

liver cancer

In women especially common:

breast cancer

lung cancer

colon cancer

pancreatic cancer

ovarian cancer

That is, epidemiology is, in certain coincidences, and notorious sex differences. In men increased risk of prostate cancer, in women cancer of the breast or ovary.

Advantages of cancer treatment in Germany

Medicine Germany places emphasis on “capture” various forms of cancer, including due to gender and the patients ‘ age, heredity, conditions of life and work, the feature of nutrition and other factors. Diagnosis and treatment of cancer in Germany is targeted. This is due to the variety of forms of prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Main methods:

surgical removal of malignant tumors (including the methods minimally invasive, i.e. sparing surgery)

chemotherapy, with the use of additional therapeutic agents that reduce side effects

radiation, including point-directed, eliminates the negative effects

hormonal therapy

the use of drugs that prevent the formation of metastases


experimental viral therapy

stem cell transplantation

the cells responsible for the formation of tissues

correction of genetic defects

psychotherapy, social adaptation

The centre for diagnostics and prevention “Prevent-M”

in the medical Park, Dortmund (Germany)