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Is it possible to earn in Minsk on wild medicinal herbs?

The correspondent of Agency “Minsk-news” to find out whether in Minsk to take herbs and make a profit.


Old-timers say that in Soviet times pharmacies took herbs for money, because in the country there was a shortage of such raw materials. And some claim that know a lot of the herbal gifts nature has managed to cobble together this integer.

To accept such materials could not all pharmacists, but only those who have passed special training, – says the pharmacist with 45 years of experience of Alina capris. – Know warehouse with medicinal plants were Timiryazev street, where we have already packaged plant material. We manufactured decoctions, infusions and the like.

In those years people could pass, for example, chamomile, oak bark, John’s wort, horsetail, red bilberry. And in some cases took only flowers, other stems, in the third – sheets. In dried form to pass them was not desirable, as this stage of preparation is full of wisdom – for example, in the light to dry it is impossible.


Girl, none of the pharmacy of the city you have the herbs will not accept, – stragiotti to my question the pharmacist is one of them. – In the population have not buy.

Now herbs go to the pharmacy already packaged and certified, often from abroad. Cultivation of Belarus has engaged a few farms, because the business does not bring much income. The leading Belarusian enterprises in this industry unitary enterprise “state Farm “Big Mozheikovo”, which accounts for about 80 % of the national procurement, only grow 4 types of plants: calendula, chamomile, motherwort and Valerian. And this despite the fact that soil and climatic conditions in our country allow us to grow more than 100 medicinal plants of the world flora.

– Personally, I prefer to gather herbs for itself, ‘ says herbalist and lecturer in herbal medicine with many years of experience Lydia Novichihina, because it gives me pleasure, and calmer. It is not known where and how grown, harvested the plants that can be seen on the shelves, especially those that sell with it.

Experienced herbalists claim that a lot of money on the collection of plants did not earn, unless, of course, we are not talking about any rare here. For example, such as Iceland moss.

– Very rare – continues to Lidia. – However, there are people who that say, you know the place, but did not disclose them to anyone. For example, my friend over the years blanks in total passed about 30 tonnes of this rare lichen. We can say that in our country it is the main supplier.

To sell medicinal raw materials is not so easy, convinced of this, when tried in this business and at first everywhere was heard the bounce. Herbalists with experience advised to offer raw materials to the warehouse of medicinal plants, which is located on the territory of St Elisabeth convent in new products, but the answer was negative. Also didn’t know what to do with this good in the Union:

– Take herbs only after checking their quality, – said the chief specialist of Department for collection of the Union Yury Sokolovsky. – But harvest quite a bit – pharmacists are reluctant to take such raw materials.

Further appealed to the Minsk regional consumer Union:

– Want to take medicinal herbs – chamomile and St. John’s wort. Where I can accept and at what price?

– It all depends on the quantity and quality, – said the expert on the other end. But even if it is good, do not earn much – about 4.000–5.000 rubles per kilogram depending on the plant. You can also contact the pharmaceutical company “Leoparda”.

Another option is to go with the wild plants on the market. So, on the Komarovka saw no more than a dozen sellers of similar merchandise.

– How much lime collection is worth?

For a glass – 20.000 rubles, for the same price and other herbs, – said one of traders. – All collected by his hands under the Smolevichi.

Local vendors not only sell the product, but also advise what grass what ailment will help.

At the end of the row with medicinal plants among Packed bags and all found the picture with the image of Russian TV presenter Gennady Malakhov.

Noticing our surprise, the seller calmly said:

– I was on the program “Malakhov+” – you called me, because well versed in herbs.