Traditional Chinese medicine: rheumatoid arthritis
Rheumatoid arthritis is a common disease of unknown etiology. In the practice of Western medicine in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis are mainly non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, immunosuppressants, glucocorticoids, biological agents.…

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Types of alternative medicine
For the average person disease. Because of the pain and suffering experienced in an unhealthy condition, people try to avoid illness. That's why we have so many pharmacies, clinics and…

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As animals are diagnosed with diseases

Four-legged diagnosticians could smell the disease.

Scientists have long thought that animals have the ability to “feel” human disease. But only recently this hypothesis has received official confirmation. Dr. Ivan Rodriguez and his colleagues from the University of Geneva (Switzerland) have found that in the nose in some animals there are special receptors. reacting to smells. diseases.

People in the same way react to pheromones – specific volatile substances secreted by the sex glands. It is these chemical compounds that make us attractive to the opposite sex.

– First, we took samples of nasal tissue of mice that respond to pheromones, and looked for the genes responsible for the recognition of “sick” odors, says Dr. Rodriguez. – And in the end we identified five receptors. which help to respond to pathogens and inflammation. The same receptors later we found in the nose of rats and dogs.

It is noticed that cats. dogs or rodents sometimes long sniff to sick people and avoid them or begin to behave aggressively.

Pets have a nose cancer

A few years ago, English doctors have hypothesized that cancers have a special smell, which, however, are virtually indistinguishable man in the early stages – except when the collapse comes the stage of the tumor.But dogs may be able to feel it.

The proof of this is found a doctor of medicine George Horvath of Sweden. He taught his dog Hannah to distinguish by smell tumor tissue from healthy. In addition, from 6-7 blood tests patients Hanna unmistakably “allocated”, those that present cancer cells.

We don’t know exactly which substances attach to the tumor smell, but your assumptions I will explain in a future report, promised George Horvath.

Animals can treat their owners

By the way, if she is the owner of the animal, the pet can “cure”. About the healing effect that brings fellowship with some Pets, today say not only psychics, but also the official medical statistics.

So, no wonder dogs sometimes try to lick us because of the concentrated saliva contains an enzyme called lysozyme. destroys pathogenic germs!

Also regular walks with the dog are the cardiovascular diseases. facilitate diabetes. There are known cases when the four-legged led into a hospital ward, where lay people after hypertensive crises, heart attacks or heart surgeries. The heart rate and pressure from those who interacted with dogs, much more quickly come to the norm, than the control group.

“Prevention” of various diseases and often have cats. They are also very sensitive to smells. Although special studies on the recognition of the “purrs” of disease through smell have not yet been done, there is reason to believe that they, too, feel the “smell of disease”.

How do you know the cat that you are sick

Look at the behaviour of the domestic pet. If the cat is persistently cling to you, this may be indicative of an impending exacerbation of chronic disease. The ward, fondling and licking your ear? This is no accident: because the ear has many acupuncture points! Acting on them, the animal treats the diseased organ. It was also found that a cat’s purr strengthens the immune system.

To using caudate pet should be used if you suffer from diseases such as hypertension, osteochondrosis, ulcers, gastritis, and also if you had recently a heart attack or stroke. You should often take a cat on hands. But first she needs a good rest – sleep for a few hours.

Dr. Rodriguez believes that it is possible to try to create artificial receptors, a similar animal that will identify disease by smell.

Receptors animals – so accurate “diagnosticians” that if it were possible to create such a “sniffing” apparatus for the study of the human body, it is much easier would life therapists. – the scientist believes. – Just imagine: the doctor will direct the finder to turn patients and immediately identify which of them is really sick! I think the creation of such technology is not far off.

The influence of Pets on human life according to the theory of Feng Shui