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How cats are treated? What diseases are treated the cats? Of course, treatment of cats is largely based on the energy exchange between the animal and its owner. According to…

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Espundia (Brazilian mucocutaneous leishmaniasis)
Espundia (Espundio) (Synonym: Brazilian mucocutaneous leishmaniasis). Mucocutaneous leishmaniasis American has several forms of diseases, pathogens which belong to the L. brasiliensis complex. The reasons espundia (Brazilian mucocutaneous leishmaniasis) Distribution espundia…

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How cats are treated – health portal PLANET WORKSHOPS

How cats are treated? What diseases are treated the cats?

Of course, treatment of cats is largely based on the energy exchange between the animal and its owner. According to Oriental medicine, all human diseases are caused due to energy imbalance in the body. The process is to absorb bad energy and recycling. By and large, if you look in detail, cats do it because the need is so cat arranged.

For the cat it is bad when negative energy is not enough, but also bad for her when this energy is too much. That’s why fluffy the doctor clearly knows when he needs to stop the process of “recharging” and to run away from the man. Communicating with a cat is as scientifically based method of effective treatment and recovery, which. as a rule, remains not noticed, but very effective. The cat is a domestic animal given to man to help and should be in every home.

What cats treat people?

Experts say a special healing power of these animals depending on the breed of cat, but in General the mechanism of this treatment and not important, because one conclusion: after the cat will lie down next to your sore spot, the pain significantly subsides, and you are on the mend. And if in doubt,treat a cat with any illness, try to check.

It is important to know!

Neutered cats and sterilized cats lose most of their healing abilities!

If you were the cat’s soul, of course, the animal will be you to reach and accordingly, you will allow your cat to treat you. In this case, the cat will not only give you the energy, but also increase their bioenergetic capacity.

How cats are treated?

According to psychologists, for mental health of people very well, they’re not shy to show their feelings towards the cats.

It is especially important that the conditions of the surrounding world perceived by the human subconscious as a threat, people feel a sense of fear and insecurity. Domestic cats devour these fears, crying out to the warm emotional feelings and thereby satisfy the needs of a host of safety and trust. Cat – good psychics, they pull the bad energy to yourself.

Scientists believe that a long-term friendship with a cat strengthens the immune system and promotes health and longevity. Touching the cat will reduce blood pressure in hypertensive patients. The cat will help with stress. She is even able to prevent a heart attack. Cat perfectly fulfills the role of warmers in osteochondrosis, radiculitis, arthritis, prostatitis. Scientists believe that a cat’s purr has healing effects similar to ultrasound, it accelerates the healing of wounds and strengthens the bones.

Statistics also says that people, having a cat makes love to her several times more time than with the closest people, on average, from 30 to 120 minutes a day. This proves that it is easier to trust a cat that always “see and hear” his master.

In our time the cat was discovered and the young singles. Men and women who do not have families of their own stories, appreciate the cat first of all that line, which have themselves, namely autonomy. The cat does not require constant attention, she is perfectly herself. In one survey bachelors said that the friend “annoying often or sometimes” to the question about the cat was answered “never”. Men harder to admit that they are a pleasure to pet the cat, but the need to Express their feelings they tend to not less than women.

The treatment of cats begins with the fact that you have to take the pet into my arms and pet her through your fingers and the palm of the cat will bring you the healing effect. In normal domestic situations, cats come to you by themselves, and go on your own sore spot – full of energy, immediately leave. This suggests that the cat took the desired portion, and more – she will be in harm. Therefore never try to keep the cat, including in her arms, if she desires it.

There are specially gifted animals, possessing a stronger healing properties than others. Typically, this cat has black fur, which, according to scientific research, have a very powerful energy, and a breed of hairless cats.

Now it becomes clear that in the “cocoteraie” also of great importance are color, length of coat and breed of healer.

Consider some of the features:

Breed cat Sphynx Able to pick up a lot of negative energy, this cat is hairless maybe many people do not like to look at, but this “miracle” is one of the most talented healers among the many breeds of cats, she helps effectively in the initial stages of healing people from many ailments.