Traditional Chinese medicine: rheumatoid arthritis
Rheumatoid arthritis is a common disease of unknown etiology. In the practice of Western medicine in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis are mainly non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, immunosuppressants, glucocorticoids, biological agents.…

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Prunes benefits and harms fruit
The prune is dried plum normal. To obtain prune it is best to use plum varieties Hungarian Italian. A piece of fruit in dry form saves all useful properties of…

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Types of alternative medicine

For the average person disease. Because of the pain and suffering experienced in an unhealthy condition, people try to avoid illness. That’s why we have so many pharmacies, clinics and hospitals. There are three main ways of prevention or treatment of disease: Western medicine, Chinese medicine and Qigong (improvement).

Western medicine is currently the most basic and popular method of treatment of diseases. Western medicine consists of a range of clinical theories and treatment strategies, including: injections and tablets of drugs, surgery, radiation therapy, etc. Western medicine, engaged in elimination of diseases, offers direct and sometimes mechanical treatments to patients. For example, the strays antipyretic fever, infection — antibiotics, but the tumor is often removed with a scalpel.

Chinese medicine, on the other hand, after flourishing in ancient times and recession in recent times, is again on the way to recovery. It does not cure the symptoms as Western medicine does, Chinese medicine considers the human body as an integrated system, using such traditional knowledge as the Meridian system, the theory of Yin and Yang and the doctrine of the five elements. Taking into account the systemic and complex approach to the human body, doctors of Chinese medicine highlight the fundamental principles: isnew harmony with nature, the relationship between consciousness (soul) and body.

For example, doctors of Chinese medicine know that strong emotions, like anger, can cause liver damage, but the panic and fear affects the kidneys. Therefore, effective prevention and treatment of disease include not only medicine and drugs, but also changing behaviour — from the control of mood swings, the choice of a balanced and harmonious lifestyle. With these changes, Chinese medicine is more effective than Western.

My good friend, a University Professor, there was a violation of the menstrual cycle in the form of the cessation of menstruation. She was not comfortable, and she repeatedly visited doctors of Western medicine. The doctors thought it was gynecological problem and was prescribed a variety of drugs aimed at normalizing menstruation. However, this did not help. Later, someone recommended her an experienced elderly doctor of Chinese medicine. After the examination, the doctor determined signs of impaired blood flow to the abdominal organs. He prescribed Chinese remedy and it worked immediately. It may seem unusual that the cause of gynecological problems could be found in violation of blood supply to the stomach. But from this we can see a doctor of Chinese medicine with a deeper level of understanding of the body and diseases of the human body, can choose a successful alternative.

Qigong, a seemingly modern term, actually refers to the practice of perfection, which have a long history. When neither Western medicine nor Chinese medicine do not work, people turn to Qigong. Beginners may seem that Qigong is a movement or type of exercise that regulates Qi. A greater understanding that the disease has its roots in karmic retribution (karma, e-Lee, the sins) of the past. Therefore, in order to radically cure the disease, a person has to eliminate, or, more accurately, to pay its karmic debts created by past misdemeanours. In addition, you need to be friendly and truthful, and tolerant. These three advantages provide the fundamental method of recovery from disease.

I observed one clinical case in Taiwan, when middle-aged women was breast cancer. After she started practicing Falun Gong method that includes flowing Qigong exercises and meditation, while contemplation she saw a silver fish that really hated her. It turned out that in the past she had killed this fish, and the fish hated her so that it’s manifested in the form of the disease in our space.

But as she began perfecting the three virtues (Truth, compassion, Forbearance), the Buddha solved the problem of hatred of fish, and as a consequence, in this space, the cancer disappeared. The woman fully recovered.

I heard another story about a doctor who lives in the United States. He studied Chinese medicine in China, Western medicine in the U.S., and later began to practice Falun Gong. Leaving work in the hospital, he opened a private clinic. In his clinic the following rates: treatment of Western medicine is $ 200; Chinese medicine — 100 $; and learning the Falun Gong exercises — 0 $.

When asked about the reason in price difference, he said, “If you come for the treatment of Western medicine, I shall be fully responsible for your health, so I require the full price. If you come for the treatment of Chinese medicine, I only take half the responsibility, because the other half depends on your own actions — you will be able to follow a proper lifestyle, which I recommend for you? If you start to learn Falun Gong, you will be able to take care of their health on their own, so I’ll help you for free.”

From this example we can see three levels of treatment. If you really want long term results and good health what will you choose?