How to treat Ear mites in cats
Ear mites What are ear mites and how it looks? There are several types of ear mites that can live in the ears of cats, but the most common are…

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Physiotherapy is a treatment methods that do not use chemicals, and use: ultrasound, electric currents, magnetic field, laser, and various kinds of radiation: (infrared, ultraviolet, polarized light). Physiotherapy methods include…

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The laws of magic protection mage (healer) – Recommendations!

The basic laws of magic, who must know and follow every mage or healer:

1. As you enter, you need to calm down, you should be in good health. During operation, an invalid negative emotions (anger, resentment, hatred) and positive too. You have to stay neutral and calm state, not to be receptive to what is happening. If you feel any discomfort or extraneous thoughts overexcited and can’t calm down, better do not perform a magical ritual on this day.

2. Never compare yourself with the person being helped. Abstracted from it, think of it only as a client, and the problem that he came only as an object of study. Be sure to keep a certain distance when communicating with the client during the magical session. But you have to sincerely, from a “pure heart” to want to help him. It so happens that a client calls anticipatio, then just support him, keep him.

If you are using the magic want to solve your personal problem, try to soberly assess the situation, stay calm, no matter how “terrible” it would seem.

3. Auxiliary magic rituals. In order to calm down and focus, often use prayer and meditation, take a bath with herbs maslami, use relaxing music, incense etc. only Use what you really helps to calm down and focus.

4. Protective amulets and charms, challenge. During (and before and after it) can use protective amulets or talismans, etc. Often, to protect the mage, they used protective belt or a ring, thrown in the back cross (rear underrun protection), any family piece that I inherited, crystal, or any other object, which has protective properties. Often it is necessary to beware of the reverse shock energy, in this case it makes sense to communicate, the relationship between the person affected and some animals.

Here are some examples. You tie the victim to the egg from which it is necessary to pour a protein. Let this protein to eat dog or cat (not his). In the manufacture of dolls and also add some bread crumbs from bread and crumble bread for the birds.

5. Do not overestimate your strength. “Took up the plow. “— on you know. Especially in magic. Or you have to do the things that they do, or better do not start. Eliminate anything that may hamper the work. Save power. If you accept it, determine for yourself the maximum number of people per day that you can take without strain, and never exceed this norm.

6. The rite of purification. After performing the magical action or session mandatory rite of purification. The simplest way to protect the mage – wash hands with cold running water. Better yet take a cool shower. When working directly with the negative (the removal of damage, the treatment of “fatal” diseases) need purification by fire. Sometimes during the action you want to burn in the fire “pieces” of negativity, and even after the session be sure to burn the room with candles or a fire with cleansing herbs or oils. Let the candle (the fire) burn for at least half an hour.

7. The closing of ustomer.

8. Knowledge of the laws of magic. You can know a huge number of spells and rituals, but not to understand how it works. Ignorance of the laws of magic will inevitably lead to errors in the actions of the magician and the subsequent retribution for them.

9. Mental attitude is also a kind of protection of the magician. Psychological attitude sometimes means more than the various safety and other forms of protection of a sorcerer. Fear of punishment attracts punishment. In other words, much depends on how you expect trouble, do you fear (even subconsciously) or not. But even the most fearless of you is to ignore all those recommendations and the basic laws of magic, as mentioned above.