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What medications Ukrainians are buying the most often

Research conducted by Ukrainian analysts showed how much money our citizens spend on the purchase of pharmaceutical drugs for the year. This amount is equal to almost 23 billion hryvnias, sold only about 1.2 billion packages of various drugs. On average, every Ukrainian buys 26 packages of drugs, wasting 500 USD. The most popular of these, and the most expensive is drugs for the treatment of liver and heart.

What medications Ukrainians are buying the most often

In particular, experts note the following trends: every year Ukrainians spent on medications and more money. For example, only 8 or 10 years ago, Ukrainians consume half of drugs, and, respectively, spent on their consumption (if we talk from the viewpoint of today’s trends) tens of times less money.

In addition, talk to experts, as the development and progression of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market the cost of all drugs is constantly rising in price. So, in 2011, the average price of one package of medication was on average 14,5 hryvnias, and it by as much as 16% more expensive than similar packaging cost in 2010.

Iryna Derevyanko, Director of marketing pharmaceutical marketing group “Business Credit”, explained the rise in price of medicines, in Pervoural, the fact that the people of Ukraine usually prefer imported medicines, which are initially more expensive than domestic. For example, last year sales of imported drugs with the most expensive price category rose by 10% yoy, average price by 5%, but cheap drugs have become even cheaper by 5% because of their lack of demand.

Analysts also say that more and more Ukrainians pay for the cure – “Actovegin”. His testimony – therapy for cardiovascular diseases, pathology of the Central nervous system, and also burns and wounds. Is selling the “Actovegin” – a record, although the price of one package is $ 280 USD. This trend is easily explained: in our country are widely spread diseases of the heart and blood vessels. For example, Tetyana Bakhteyeva, head of the parliamentary Committee on health, voiced the following statistics: the number of strokes among Ukrainians in 13 more than in European countries, as hypertensive patients are officially registered 14 million people.

More Ukrainians are paying for the medicine – “Actovegin”

The next most popular after “Actovegin” is “Kodterpin”. Back in 2010 it was absent in the list of the most popular drugs and experts can’t explain its popularity, especially that relevant advertising campaigns was conducted. However, there is an assumption that the moment such demand is not in its medicinal qualities, but the fact that it contains codeine and is a narcotic. And so it is very likely due to its not intended purpose the drug owe this record-breaking sales.

By the way, Internet forums are full of reports that “Kodterpin” something more than legal drug, which is a great alternative to tramadol, which has been withdrawn from free trade.

The third position in this list is well-known for commercials Essentiale, which is recommended for the normalization of the liver.

In addition, leaders of pharmaceutical sales are some of the medications issued without prescription, such as no-Spa, chloride of sodium, cardiac drugs “Preductal” and “Cardiomagnyl” antibiotic “Augmentin”, and also known after advertising campaigns – “Linex” and “Lasolvan”.

The preparation for the normalization of the liver

By the way, drew the attention of analysts, anti-influenza drugs were not very popular, for example, usually demand “Arbidol” and “Amizon” this time is not included even in the top twenty most frequently purchased drugs.

Experts say that Ukrainians too often guided the choice of drug is not so much its characteristics, how a simple human gullibility. And all analysts of pharmaceutical companies understand this, and confirmed by these data: last year pharmaceutical companies spent on advertising more than 2.5 billion UAH, which is by 36% more than in 2010, and half more than in pre-crisis 2008. And the main item of expenditure is TV advertising. For example, among the brands that are offered Ukrainians the most aggressively was “Solpadein”, in its promotion invested 77 million hryvnia, and “koldreks” (invested 73 million UAH) and Mezim (budget of $ 59 million hryvnia).

And the most interesting, state the experts that the majority of Ukrainians are not even aware that promoted imported drugs (such as in the domestic market, 85%) have good English, but less known analogues, differing from brought modest packaging and low price. Although pharmacists working in our pharmacies, follow an unwritten rule: first to offer customers the more expensive drugs. And this is despite the fact that cheaper, and not inferior in its characteristics is easy. In 2011, domestic drugs accounted for 65% of all sales of medicines in Ukraine, though, cash – only 28%. By the way, another very important point that the Ukrainian consumer is usually oblivious, drugs produced domestically is almost not advertised.