Physiotherapy is a treatment methods that do not use chemicals, and use: ultrasound, electric currents, magnetic field, laser, and various kinds of radiation: (infrared, ultraviolet, polarized light). Physiotherapy methods include…

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Balsam Golden star
The majority of the people of the Soviet generation well-known balm, then called the Vietnamese asterisk. Whether then we misread, or he changed the name, this balm is now called…

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Butter ghee (GI). The benefits and harms. Contraindications

When I wrote the previous article about the benefits of mustard. you mentioned ghee, which has, I would say, an exotic name – ghee (also referred to simply as GI). I am sure that many will be interested to know what kind of oil is and what it eats? About the benefits and dangers of oil ghee, as nobody better can tell lineazeta, namely, Pakistanis, Indians, Nepalese, Bangladeshi, as well as Sri Lankans, as they widely use this product.

In General, ghee is a melted and cured on low heat butter, which is used in cooking and for treating some ailments. Also without it there are special religious rituals of Hinduism. To oil lamps Hindus were burning with a bright flame, seasoned with ghee. I’ve never seen one burn this lamp, but I think that the smell of the burning ghee is much nicer than from kerosene, which, pardon the expression, stinks.

Butter ghee. The benefits and harms

Use butter ghee

For sure, women will be interesting is the fact that ghee has a rejuvenating and toning properties. Because so many of the fair half of mankind wish to always look young. And how wonderful when their beauty of body and beauty of soul are harmoniously reunited into one,isn’t it?

Oil ghee is rich in vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant that helps restore cells. So free radicals not be good .

Ghee is an excellent immunostimulant. Folk healers recommend the night to wipe them ears, feet and navel.

It is known that oil harm the liver. Ghee, on the contrary restorative effect on the main filter of the human body, giving him strength. In addition, oil ghee can strengthen the immune system and beneficially influence the gastrointestinal function, improve digestive process and help the small intestine.

Not very smart (joke) ghee ghee can help to increase mental sharpness, due to the fact that it contains those nutrients, which are always glad to nerve tissue, and brain and bone marrow. By the way, I recommend to read an article about how easily you can improve your memory and attention. to know more deeply how to pump your brain.

Ghee can help a person who was tortured constipation. But here we must not overdo it, as there is a risk of running into diarrhea. Folk medicine recommends massaging whiskey, rubbing in butter ghee, with severe headaches.

They say that the soothing properties of this oil can soothe even the most irritable person. Although, frankly, I doubt it. Completely crazy, it is unlikely to be enough. There is another way to relieve stress .

Pomassirovti butter a sore spot with the injury or back pain, it is possible to achieve an analgesic effect.

The recipes for many medicines include ghee (for once would, and then all the ghee, Yes ghee :)). And all because it helps to better absorb useful substances contained in medicines and ointments. Usually, this ghee is taken orally, but there are other ways of its use in folk medicine. It lubricates the nostrils to protect it from “walking” into the autumn and winter infections and buried the ears for relief from pain (one drop of warm oil in each ear).

Butter ghee in cooking

Anyone who is familiar with Indian and Pakistani cuisine, knows that melted butter ghee is an indispensable ingredient in many dishes, as it gives them a beautiful amber color and well accentuates the natural taste. Its good compared to other vegetable and animal fats, justified, as when exposed to high temperatures, it becomes toxic. The temperature at which burning oil is above 250 °C. So that it, unlike butter, you can safely fry-squarity. Although I do not welcome food skillet.

Ghee is most often used as the main dietary fat, and rubbing the nostrils, ears instillation and massaging the bruises.

Harm oil ghee

Need to know the measure in everything, isn’t it? Clarified butter is primarily fat and high in calories (100g = 900 calories). Also ghee contains a lot of cholesterol (the level should be OK ). Therefore, it is better not to abuse the oil people that have problems with heart and blood vessels, as well as those who are watching their figure.


Contraindicated for people with diseases related to the cardiovascular system because high cholesterol.

Is contraindicated for people suffering from obesity, as it is a high calorie food that increases the appetite. Grotoski want not childish

Contraindicated for people with serious pathologies in the gastrointestinal tract. If you constantly eat ghee, it is possible to achieve only for acute conditions.

Contraindicated all, who does not know the sense of proportion. Excessively fatty foods will undoubtedly lead to atherosclerosis and disrupt metabolic processes.

In short, oil ghee can help someone who will use it wisely and for the intended purpose.