Treatment gout folk remedies at home: is it possible?
Reasons Although folk remedies for gout attacks seldom have an effect on the immediate cause of its occurrence, to know them all the same. So, causes of gout include: The…

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The benefits and harms of turmeric, used in folk medicine and cooking
Turmeric: unknown properties of known spices Turmeric, also known as yellow root, zarkava, turmeric, is a plant which belongs to the ginger family and came to us from South-Eastern India.…

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Alternative medicine from Aquarius

Alternative medicine


This page is devoted to folk methods of treatment of various diseases.

The famous Bulgarian healer Vanga, leaving life, he left us a priceless gift – a few hundred recipes, which the doctors called a “living encyclopedia of health”. Herbs, recommended it, give people the vital juices, help to recover. Here only a small portion recipes.

Nutritional therapy in peptic ulcer disease. Ulcers disease stomach and duodenal ulcer occurs mainly due to the disruption of normal activity of the nervous system (excessive tension, severe mental shock, prolonged or frequently repeated hard experience). Important role in the occurrence of peptic ulcer disease is failure to follow the correct diet: irregular, with long interruptions, as well as eating too much.

In folk medicine, there are different methods of treatment of eye diseases. Perhaps the most unusual – it drops from earthworms. But despite the broken of this recipe, it is quite effective.

Treatment by a celandine liver disease, biliary tract, kidney, chronic gastritis, paradontosis, female diseases, itchy dermatosis, peptic ulcer, polyposis of the rectum, lupus,adenoids, warts, cholecystitis, as well as recipes of the Bulgarian medicine.

How to get rid of swelling Every fifth patient, addressing the physician, complaining of swelling of the lower extremities. Swelling rarely occur on the hands and under the eyes. In the treatment of edema no means absolute, they should be ably to pick up.

Aromatherapy. In our time the sense of smell is a low priority. However, it plays a much bigger role than I think many of us. In the early twentieth century it was suggested that trees and grasses excrete special substances (atmometer), which absorbed light and are catalysts of biochemical processes and metabolism. Over time, the correctness of this assumption was confirmed.

Oats been used for many decades in traditional medicine. Groats and meal of oats, containing large amounts of starch and protein, also sugar, fats, mineral salts and other substances used as the dietary food and tinctures, aqueous extracts and other preparations of oat straw is recommended as a good stimulant for insomnia, mental exhaustion, physical fatigue. Bath with a decoction of oat straw helps with rheumatism, gout, sciatica and some skin diseases. The oat straw is used as antidiabetic, diaphoretic, diuretic, carminative and febrifuge.

High medicinal properties have home ginseng or Golden Mustache. This is the best plant for the treatment of chronic pancreatitis. It well suppresses pathogenic microflora, relieves pain, restores function of the pancreas, spleen, adrenal cortex. Inflammation of the gallbladder and biliary tract, stomach, small intestine. Normalizes acid-base composition of the gastrointestinal tract, removes toxins from the body. Liquefies phlegm, reduces hypersecretion and mucosal edema of the bronchi in asthmatics, which dramatically improves the General condition of patients and often leads to complete recovery from asthma.

After a certain age low back pain occurs in almost all. On the role of the spine written the entire book. I will not repeat. I will tell only one: if the spine is sick, it is hardly possible to stay healthy kidneys, liver, stomach and other organs. In the human body everything is interconnected. An unhealthy spine causes the disease of the internal organs, but it happens and Vice versa: diseases of the stomach, intestines, gynecological diseases often lead to disease of the spine.

Apitherapy – use of bee venom for therapeutic purposes. As a complicated complex of natural biologically active compounds, bee venom has a strengthening effect on the muscle tissue of the heart and blood vessels, bronchi, joints and surrounding tissues. Anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of bee venom are used for sciatica, arthritis and other diseases. Apitherapy is contraindicated in diseases of the kidneys, blood, mental diseases.

Prostatitis more than 60% of cases – illness of disturbed metabolism. Basically it is diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract, including chronic colitis. Colitis always observed stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs, which contributes to the development of the disease and the occurrence of relapses. To get rid of prostatitis, needs urgent treatment of diseased organs and intestines. While colitis, is useless to hope for recovery of prostatitis.

Enuresis is a condition that occurs not infrequently, but about his treatment to know not from where. But the cure can. Sometimes 2 weeks, sometimes a year will go by it. At the modern level of medicine quick cure are not uncommon. How can this be implemented practically?

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