Types of alternative medicine
For the average person disease. Because of the pain and suffering experienced in an unhealthy condition, people try to avoid illness. That's why we have so many pharmacies, clinics and…

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Butter ghee (GI). The benefits and harms. Contraindications
When I wrote the previous article about the benefits of mustard. you mentioned ghee, which has, I would say, an exotic name – ghee (also referred to simply as GI).…

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The use of medicinal plants in the steam room

The main advantage of the Russian bath Finnish sauna is the use of herbs and leaves of trees are used in various decoctions and infusions, as well as steamed brooms. Finnish sauna with its high temperature (100-120°C) and low humidity in the range of 5-15% will not benefit from curative therapeutic effect of medicinal herbs. Only in the Russian bath with a sauna heater, succumbing on the hot stones decoctions, infusions and mixtures of herbs, to enjoy the healing, Wellness with steam. Health benefits provides a fast introduction to the human body healing minerals (they get into the lungs and from there immediately into the blood). Inhalation exposure to vapor saturated with volatile substances of medicinal plants, provides relief and healing from many diseases.

For lovers of aromatic and healing steam bath in our forests and meadows there are many medicinal herbs. This mint, dushitsa, St. John’s wort, mother and stepmother, sage, pharmacy chamomile, Linden flowers, birch leaves and oak, bitter wormwood and thyme, the buds of birch, pine, spruce, etc. to Combine the herbs can be to your liking, in keeping with the state of their health and their loved ones. Formulations of herbs can be the following: antiseptic,expectorant, diaphoretic, soothing, tonic, aromatic. A particular set of herbs described in the Chapter “the Use of decoctions of medicinal plants”. Thus it is necessary to observe a measure not to overdo the amount of broth used, otherwise there may be the opposite, undesirable effect from its use.

How and in what quantity to apply decoctions of herbs in the steam room? A reasonable amount of broth that is added to hot water, each determined individually, but generally need 70-100 ml of a strong decoction (infusion) on a bowl of hot water (3-4 liters). In any case, don’t splash on the hot stones of the sauna heater is highly concentrated decoction is continuous and unpleasant smell will be guaranteed to you for a long time.

How to get in the steam room of the Russian bath healing steam? Healing vapor without burning smell is obtained as follows: on the hot stones you first need to splash a little (100-150 ml) of clean hot water, and then 3-5 sec to succumb to 150-200 ml of hot water with a decoction of the pelvis. Then after 1-2 minutes again, repeat this procedure, i.e. to splash on the stones a little clean hot water, and after it the water with broth. A portion of water to the broth to preferably wide jet splashing on the upper part of the stone that was entrained faster healing, fragrant pair.

How to make aromatic steam room? Simultaneously with the application of medicinal decoction steam bath is a good idea to fill additional useful and pleasant scents. It’s enough to put on the shelves fresh spruce spruce branches. Beautifully flavoured steam the twigs and leaves of black currant, sage, mint and eucalyptus. Fans of Russian bath steam room also flavored a Cup of sour kvass, honey solution (one half teaspoon of honey per Cup of boiling water). The perfect bath with two steam rooms: the first with dry heat (humidity 10-20%), is similar to a Finnish sauna, a second steam room — broom, with high humidity. In this case, the aromatic atmosphere is also created two steam rooms: the first spray is a concentrated decoction conventional pulverizer, and the second provide healing wet steam with the extra aromatization. In such a perfect first bath in the steam room warms up, and the second can be plenty to wave a broom. In the steam room with dry heat good to finally breathe to facilitate perspiration.

How to prepare a decoction of medicinal plants? Plants and leaves before use, must be ground separately from each other to a particle size of 5-10 mm and then to make a mixture in the required proportions. The mixture of herbs placed in an enamel pan or stainless steel tank, pour 1,5—2 liters of boiling water, put on fire. When the mixture comes to a boil, reduce heat to a minimum level, the tank is closed with a lid, cover top thick material and one hour left on the small pool. Then the broth is cooled, without removing the cover, to room temperature. After cooling it is filtered through a sieve, plants squeeze and strain the broth again through cheesecloth. Ready it is poured into bottles, tightly sealed and stored in the basement or in the refrigerator for up to one and a half months. The total amount of mixture of herbs to prepare the broth should be the following: when using dry herbs and leaves — 200-250 g, if using raw herbs, 1-1,5 kg. of the mixture are only used For good, not spoiled rotten grass.