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How to treat Ear mites in cats

Ear mites

What are ear mites and how it looks?

There are several types of ear mites that can live in the ears of cats, but the most common are Otodectes cynotis, tiny, eight-legged parasites that feed off earwax in the ear canal of cats. The size of the females – 0,32-0,75 mm, males and 0.2-0.6 mm, so they are barely detectable to the naked eye. The life cycle of mites is about three weeks. Causing irritation and inflammation, ear mites can parasitize in the auricle and external auditory canal of cats, leading to more serious infections of the skin or ears in the absence of proper treatment. The infection usually appear a characteristic brownish discharge, and in the most severe cases the ear canal of a cat can become completely clogged by these secretions, similar to ground coffee.

Causes of ear mites in cats

Ear mites are often passed from one animal to another through casual contact at home or on the street, so this is a disease with a high probability of infection. Although mites can infect both cats and dogs, ear mites are much more common in cats, and is responsible for more than 50 percent of all feline ear infections. People, as a rule, do not become infected with ear mites.

What are the common symptoms of ear mites in cats?

· Cats scratch and scratch their ears;

· Animals shake their heads;

· Papadoupolos, and there is a dermatitis;

· Black or brown discharge earwax;

· There is a strong odor;

· Inflammation of the ear;

· The ear canal is clogged with crusts dried exudates or secretions similar to ground coffee.

· Appear abrasions, scratches, abscesses or scabs near ear;

· Infected animals are concerned, rubbed his ears.

What are the complications caused by the presence of ear mites in cats?

In addition to the development of skin infections, ear mites can cause the rupture of blood vessels inside the ear of a cat due to the intense scratching and head shaking. This disease is known as ear hematoma, and often requires surgical intervention.

In complicated form otodektoza (ear mange) is a disease caused by parasitic mites in the ears Otodectos cynotis is often the process of infection spreading to middle ear and inner ear and then to the meninges. In animals there is a General oppression of the nervous phenomena, seizures, increased body temperature, they tilt the head toward the ear of the patient.

Some cats are more prone to ear mites?

Although ear mites can infect cats of all ages, they are most common among kittens and outdoor cats.

What should I do if I think my cats ear mites?

It is important to take your cat to the vet for an accurate diagnosis. Your vet will do a scraping sample from the ear and examine it under a microscope. Avoid self-diagnosis, since certain types of bacterial infections can mimic the symptoms otodektoza .

How to get rid of ear mites?

· Ear mites are treated with special drugs that will prescribe your vet. They can be laid (burrow) directly into the ear or applied to the skin.

· If the ear canal of cats is clogged with crusts dried exudates or secretions necessary gentle cleaning of the ears. It is better to do a cotton material and special cleanser for the ears. You may need the assistance of a veterinarian, depending on the temperament of your cat and severity of the disease.

· Your veterinarian may prescribe a medicated ear drops or antibiotics to fight infection.

The cat will start to feel relief soon after starting treatment, but, please, do a full cycle of treatment to ensure complete cure and rid yourself of mites.

How can I prevent the cat ear mites?

Regular cleaning the ears of your cat will be able to notify you about the problem at an early stage. If your pet has recently recovered from ear mites, do not forget to thoroughly clean his couch, or a house, other places where he slept, and it is better to thoroughly wash the entire apartment and check out the other Pets at the possibility of infection.