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Herbs that you need to drink pancreatitis

The treatment of pancreatitis, as a rule, is a difficult and complex process. It’s necessary to follow certain recommendations concerning food, also requires drug therapy.

But this does not exclude additional ways of treatment, in particular, the use of herbal medicine.

What kind of grass with pancreatitis can have a positive effect?

For the treatment of pancreatitis requires that the means used had a few steps:



regulating the work of the digestive tract.

In varying degrees, these actions possess some medicinal plants. Herbs pancreatitis and cholecystitis can be used, we list the main ones.


Known anti-inflammatory property of this plant. But not only this can be useful chamomile pancreatitis and cholecystitis. She has other properties:

has antispasmodic effect;

able to protect gastrointestinal tract mucosa from aggressive actions of bile and hydrochloric acid;

different antioxidant activity.

Chamomile can be used in the form of infusion,to prepare for the teas or added to other herbal preparations. For example, tea is required to take a dry chamomile flowers and add a bit of ordinary welding. All this pour boiling water, brewing, and then you can drink. As an herbal collection of this plant can be combined with immortelle. Take equal parts of chamomile and immortelle, filled with water and boil on water bath for half an hour. To drink the drink after eating, the pre-strain. Similarly, tea and applied on the basis of this plant.


The use of charges or the preparation of tea based peppermint will be useful in the treatment of chronic pancreatitis. She has a calming effect, relieves cramps and helps prevent development of an attack of this disease.

Caution with this plant ought to be people with low blood pressure, as mint is different hypotensive action.

Peppermint can be brewed as a tea, and use it as one of the components of the collection.


This plant has many useful properties. For the treatment of pancreatitis will be in demand some of them. In particular, anti-inflammatory and choleretic effects of yarrow helps in the treatment of chronic pancreatitis, and cholecystitis.

In addition to the treatment of these diseases yarrow can be useful in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the intestines and stomach, which often accompany pancreatitis. On the basis of yarrow and it is possible to prepare a choleretic tea.

Fees herbs

The most common therapy used for more than one medicinal plant and medicinal teas. Pancreatitis and cholecystitis can be effective the following herbal teas:

For preparation take equal amounts of mint leaves, grass succession and nard (total volume should be about 3 tablespoons). Then all is poured with water and put on medium heat for 3 minutes. This decoction should be drunk before meals of 60-70 ml 2 times a day.

Also useful would be a combination of chamomile, mint, St. John’s wort. On the basis of these herbs you can prepare medicinal teas, if to the mixture of dried herbs to add a little bit of welding. It is recommended to drink before meals for 90-100 ml.

There are lots of herbs ready fees, which can be purchased at the pharmacy and to drink at home most Often pancreatitis are appointed by the choleretic fees. More specific recommendations can be given only by the doctor depending on the form of pancreatitis.

As you can see, for the treatment of inflammation of the pancreas can be used with various herbs. But do not assume this treatment is harmless and also to completely rely on it. To achieve a lasting effect in the treatment of pancreatitis requires compliance with many conditions. So you should not self-medicate and even before the use of medicinal herbs it is better to consult a doctor.