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The nun Hildegard and traditions of alternative medicine

The theologian, author of religious songs, naturalist, healer. Hildegard of bingen came was the most educated woman of her time. Even after 800 years after her death, interest in the writings of the nuns are not dry out.

In the reception of unconventional medicine for patients with encouragingly portrait looks Hildegard of bingen came (Hildegard von Bingen). Sitting under a portrait of a Bank employee Angela Buchholz (Buchholz Angela) absently leafing through a magazine. She came to Bonn healer Jutta Prince (Prinz Jutta) to donate blood. During the time of Hildegard von this treatment was called bloodletting. Hospital cash insurance does not pay for, but Angela Buchholz ready to spend money. “After giving blood I always feel very good,” she says.

For bloodletting, so popular in Medieval times, today are wary. Because it often led to death from excessive blood loss. According to the teachings of Hildegard von, cupping strengthens the immune system and helps with inflammation, but only if you follow certain rules. This procedure should be carried out on an empty stomach six days after the full moon. Blood can be removed only so long until its dark color turns lighter.

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The healer Jutta Prince in his office

“To change the color of the blood, few people believe, because from the point of view of academic medicine blood homogeneous, – says Jutta Prince. – However, I see your eyes, what color blood after donating 50 – 200 milliliters changing.” According to the healer, then, that Hildegard of bingen came observed 800 years ago, today confirmed patients: they frequently having colds, they experience inner peace and high performance.

Beneficial effects of phlebotomy on health while not scientifically proven. On assurances of scientists, it is rather associated with hypnosis. But in the heritage of the abbess of the monastery near Bingen are quite explainable from the point of view of medical science the treatment methods. Johannes Mayer (Johannes Mayer) from würzburg University, in the study of healing traditions in the monasteries, confirms the antispasmodic action of Eastern spices of the ginger family (ginger, cardamom, Cina root).

Another classic therapeutic drug from the list Hildegarde – known species of wheat called “spelt”. Made from this cereal medication (due to the content of tryptophan – amino acid that activates the so-called happiness hormone serotonin) improves not only digestion, but also the mood. However, Johannes Mayer warns fans of the teachings of Hildegard von from strict adherence to its recommendations. “Often in the recipes do not specify the proportions, and sometimes she’s even wrong about the medicinal properties of herbs, he says. – For example, for skin diseases recommends that a nun chew Lily of the valley, which, as we know, poisonous.”

Despite some errors and inaccuracies, extensive medical knowledge, nuns amaze even the current representatives of science. Hildegard of bingen came saw in man a unity of body and soul. Such a holistic approach in the age of contempt to all flesh, mortal, in the days of the Crusades and of the continuous struggle for power between the Church and the Emperor is striking. “In theological and medical writings of the nuns it was always about healing the person, not the disease. And it anticipates the demand of today’s medicine,” stressed Jutta Prince.

Still from the film about the life of Hildegard von

Hildegard as a trade mark

Until his death in ‘ 81 Hildegard of bingen came was led by the monastic order and one of two founded her convents, were engaged in Recording their “visions” and writings on healing. After the nun left about 2000 medicinal recipes. Soon after the death of Hildegard the bingen came in the people were read for Holy. Her relics lie in a Golden reliquary in bingen, where today many still make the pilgrimage.