Kazakh traditional medicine used by Chinese
At the medical University in Northwest China began to study Kazakh traditional medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine is considered the most famous in the world and many of its techniques, for…

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Alcohol in asthma, what is and what is not
Asthma is characterized by symptoms that can sometimes occur and then disappear - coughing, shortness of breath, rales in the bronchi and lungs, with attacks of suffocation or asthmatic conditions…

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That relates to the field of alternative medicine

This includes hundreds of different techniques, the smaller part of which is devoted to the diagnosis and great treatment. With regard to rheumatic diseases, are very popular methods based on traditional Chinese medicine – acupuncture. In this case, it is a method of treatment (sometimes used also for recognition of those or other diseases) when in exactly known places in the subcutaneous tissue, about which it is assumed that they are functionally associated with certain internal organs, valyayutsya needle. In China acupuncture is used in conjunction with the application of heat, the so-called moxibustion (the burning point of skin — mosibudi). In addition to needles for acupuncture you can also use electric current and laser radiation — in this case we are talking about electroacupuncture and laser acupuncture.

Here it is necessary to say at once that in our country acupuncture only partially relates to the field of alternative medicine as it is taught in medical schools, and doctors were well prepared to work on this technique. Thus, it gradually enters the area of classic medicine as one of its specializations.

Chinese acupuncture was developed in the middle ages, and thus, he has a long history. Residents of China until nastasemarian practically lived in “atmosphere.” Therefore, the millennial use of this method of treatment provides much better results than in the European cultural environment, where it is widespread only in recent decades. In China, acupuncture analgesia is achieved such that with its help it is possible to conduct quite complex operations without the use of General anesthesia. In Europe so far this was not achieved.

Traditional Chinese acupuncture is based on skalyvanie needles in specific places on the human body there are about 1000. It is assumed that these points are connected to internal organs through nerve connections transmit the therapeutic effect with acupuncture points connected to the organ, thereby producing a positive effect on the disease process. It was found that most of the acupuncture points located above the main pathways of transmission of nerve impulses, or in their immediate vicinity.

Acupuncture is used to treat a number of diseases. We are interested in its application in rheumatic diseases. It is a fact (and it is of great importance for rheumatic diseases), that it suppresses pain in the musculoskeletal system and has a sedative (calming) effect. What is the mechanism of this analgesia? The simplest explanation is the so-called interstriae effect. Its essence lies in the fact that the irritation of certain nerve endings to block the transmission of pain impulses. Similar effects are caused and the use of other methods of stimulation of nerve endings — irritating solutions (camphor, mint), ointments, burns, or percovich mustard plasters, etc. it Turned out that when nerves that pass these signals from the skin to the brain were damaged, the effect of acupuncture does not occur. Acupuncture, therefore, may be effective in suppressing pains in case of articular or unsustaina th disease without affecting the disease itself, for example, inflammatory and total course of the disease (in rheumatoid arthritis). Dr. Felix Mann of the UK, the largest specialist on the use of acupuncture in rheumatic diseases, recommends the use of it in peaceful forms of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, deforming disease of the spine, especially the cervical and lumbar. No good she is at loss of intervertebral discs, especially in the cutting stage, but it can be used in chronic back pain that are not treatable by other methods. Acupuncture can also be used for muscular rheumatism and diseases of the joint tendons. It is interesting that Dr. Mann does not recognize traditional Chinese acupuncture points and holds it in place the strongest painful sensations. About half of patients feel relief immediately after the injection, the rest — in a few hours or days. Critics of acupuncture point out that certain rheumatic pains go away on their own, without any treatment, i.e. without any medication, physical therapy, manual therapy and acupuncture. Says renowned British rheumatologist Dantex HART is often a merit of Mother Nature along with Father Time, is responsible for the improvement, although it is rarely about them in this case recall and commend them.

To technical problems acupuncture is the sterilization of needles, which are usually reusable. Therefore, many specialists prefer electroacupuncture, which does not carry the risk of infection