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Treatment gout folk remedies at home: is it possible?


Although folk remedies for gout attacks seldom have an effect on the immediate cause of its occurrence, to know them all the same. So, causes of gout include:

The metabolism thing-in;

Diseases of the kidneys affecting renal function;

Genetic predisposition.

Also to the development of gout may cause effects on the body the following factors:

Excessive consumption of alcohol;

Uncontrolled eating;

Arterial hypertension (AH);

Diabetes mellitus.


Primarily traditional methods of treatment of gout aims to eliminate symptoms and to create comfortable conditions for human life.

The main manifestations of the disease are:

Redness, swelling of the joint;

The increased skin temperature in the affected joint;

A sharp and rather intense pain in the joint;

Stiffness in the joint.

As a rule, all the symptoms at first are localized in one point. Most often the first affected one of the joints of the toes. Then the disease spreads throughout the body.

The intensity of the gout pain worse at night or early in the morning. Moreover, pain attack to moreprograms to seven days.

Gout is characterized by undulating course: disease remission followed by relapse, etc. the more the disease lasts, the more it makes itself known. In people suffering from gout for more than 4 years around the affected joints are formed densely-elastic tubercles are yellowish. They has the ability to burst and to allocate a substance resembling whitish crumbs.

One of the additional signs of gout, may be the presence of concretions in the kidney of the patient, or damage to the heart muscle.

How to cure gout folk remedies?

Unfortunately, completely to get rid of gout is almost impossible. However, with comprehensive treatment can significantly ease its course and get rid of the most unpleasant manifestations.

Effective treatment of gout must include:

Activities that contribute to decrease levels of uric acid in the body (phytotherapy, the use of drugs urikozuricheskih);

A strict diet is the most important point;

Relief of acute attacks;

Acupuncture and massage.

Gout – how to eat?

The most effective method of combating gout is the observance of strict diet. If you lead a healthy lifestyle and eat right, it is possible to cure gout at home can. However, all is not so simple as it seems at first glance.

Diet for gout involves the complete exclusion from the diet the following products:

Acute and smoked foods;



Canned meat and fish;

Meat broths;

Strong coffee and chocolate.

At the same time should eat:

The vegetables (preferably steamed);

Boiled meat;

Fruit juices (natural).

More tips:

Methods for the treatment of gout on legs

In addition, the food must be fractional: eating at least 5 times a day. Also recommended to do at least once a week fasting, during which you can eat only raw vegetables and fruits.

Gout should not eat legumes, soybeans, mushrooms, bacon and spices.

Very useful in this disease is considered mineral water. However, all you need to know the measure, therefore, the dispute should seek the advice of a doctor.

Other treatments of gout

Gout – a disease that is known to mankind for a very long time. And today, medicine offers us a huge number of methods to facilitate the course of the disease. There are also some effective techniques to eliminate pain in people affected with gout.

This article provides only the most effective and time-tested recipes of traditional healers. However, despite this, it is better to consult the doctor and only then proceed to self-healing.

So, national ways of treatment of gout:

Get rid of the excess uric acid can using stinging nettle juice to drink on a teaspoon 3-ri times a day;

To achieve the same goals you can drink the infusion of garlic with slices of lemon in the morning;

When gout attack helps the following recipe: a Mixture of red mushroom and vodka (1:5), it is infused for about 5 days and then rubbed into the affected joint;

To relieve gout using herbal bath of sage, oat straw, or from the flowers and stems of chamomile pharmacy.;

Effective remedy tincture or bath iodine. It is based on 9-10 drops of iodine in 3 l of water. You can also add a few teaspoons of soda;

Great help in the fight against disease med. Rubbing it into the joint is preheated for 15-20 minutes.

Remember! Each person is different, therefore the treatment for each must be his own. Who will need only a couple of sessions of folk therapy, and someone treatment can drag on for months.