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Medicinal drugs from honey, recipes

Honey is the most famous product which has been used as a preventive, an antiseptic and medicament. They treat many diseases, among which asthma, intestinal colic, colds, stomach ulcer, cough. With the help of honey in current traditional and alternative medicine enhance immunity, improve functioning of the heart muscle.

This article contains recipes from various publications.

This recipe should be used only to speed the healing of wounds, it is not applicable for open, no lingering patches of skin.

Take 2 tablespoons of honey mustard, sprinkle wheat flour and a little stretch. The resulting mixture should be applied on the wound and make the dressing for 10 hours. After that, the dressing should be replaced, after having washed the injured area of the skin.

For a long time to heal and suppurating wounds, you have to use the part of the infusion series that get so: 2 tablespoons chelidonii pour 300 g of hot water and let stand 6 hours. Then to the resulting infusion add a tablespoon of flower honey and mix thoroughly. The received contents is necessary to moisten the wound during the day no less than five times, to heal.

This composition is also used for infected wounds that are difficult to heal. Using a mixture of 100 g of Ribeira (aseptic sold in the pharmacy) and one Cup of honey. The composition is applied to the skin at least five times during the day.

Intestinal colic

For the treatment of intestinal colic is used several recipes based on a mixture of honey and some medicinal herbs.

Mix 50 g of seeds of nettle (pharmaceutical collection) and a Cup of honey. The resulting composition be taken before meals for half a tablespoon, not less than 3 times. To continue the course until the disappearance of pain.

Mix 75 g of Linden flowers and 100 g of St. John’s wort, from the resulting composition take 2 tablespoons and pour in 0.4 liter of hot water, then let stand 3-5 hours. After that, strain the infusion and while mixing, add a tablespoon of flower honey. The resulting number be divided into 5 portions, to drink before meals.

Stomach ulcer

For the treatment of gastric ulcer using the composition based on the collection of nettle or sweet flag.

Mix 100 g of seeds of nettle (pharmaceutical collection) with 3 cups of honey. The resulting composition take one and a half tablespoons before meals.

Prepare a mixture of 100 g of calamus root (pharmaceutical collection can be either powder, and talc, crushed or powdered) and two glasses of honey added. The resultant mixture should be taken daily a tablespoon before meals, at least three times.

The treatment of cough

For the treatment of cough after suffering colds is very good, consisting of cranberries, anise seed.

One Cup of cranberries mixed with three cups of honey and take before meals, a tablespoon, at least three times a day.

To prepare an infusion of anise seeds (to do this, pour 2 tablespoons anise seed 0.5 liters of hot water and let stand in dark place for 6 hours), then drain (metal sieves are not allowed. ) and add 2 tablespoons of white honey. The resulting composition is divided into equal portions and consume before meals.

For the treatment of chronic cough, you need to use of red clover infusion (can use 2 tablespoons of herbs, Bay two cups of boiling water, let stand for 5 hours and strain), mixed with a tablespoon of honey. To drink before meals at least four times a day.

Recipe 4 (child coughing)

One part of honey are thoroughly mixed with one part heated olive oil. The resulting mixture to give the child a teaspoon 4-5 times a day.

Improvement of appetite

Consisting of honey and yarrow is very good for lack of appetite. For the preparation you need to mix 100 g of powder of yarrow herb to two cups of honey. The resulting mixture taken before meals for one tablespoon.

Enhanced immunity

Very good folk remedy to boost immunity are a honeycomb, which can be purchased directly in the apiary, or to prepare a mixture of juice of 1 lemon and a half Cup of honey and drink before meals 3 times a day.

Improving heart function

Folk remedy to improve blood circulation and normalize the heart muscle is a mixture of nettle (a glass powder from the leaves), half a tablespoon of mint, and three glasses of honey. The resulting composition take one tablespoon before meals no less than 3 times.