Herbs for weight loss – types, action, application
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That relates to the field of alternative medicine This includes hundreds of different techniques, the smaller part of which is devoted to the diagnosis and great treatment. With regard to…

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Physical therapy is a complex therapeutic effect on the human body by using physical factors. These factors can be naturally occurring or be created by man in the process of direct or indirect search.

For example, laser therapy has emerged as an offshoot in the process of military applications of laser weapon, but when effects were detected the effects on biological tissue, such the direction of physical therapy.

Physical therapy is a fairly old method. Ancient people began to understand and use for therapeutic purposes natural physical factors such as water, heat, sun and so on. These were the beginnings, from which began the development of modern physiotherapy. And it should be said that this development has not finished but only just gaining its momentum that is associated with the leap in science and technical progress of humanity.

Physiotherapy is an excellent alternative medical treatment that has no side effects and often give a stronger therapeutic effect. Physical therapy has earned this trust through his soft actions, because all physiotherapeutic procedures use small doses of one or another physical factor. This excludes overdose or negativeone on organs and systems. In addition, in those cases, when to use the medication can not be due to the presence of contraindications, physiotherapy is used without fear or risk.

It would seem that the formula is simple: back pain – need to take painkillers and it will pass. Sometimes it helps, but if the back pain is associated with such serious conditions as spinal disc herniation. which is causing a pinched sciatic nerve. more precisely, the nerve roots that shape it, and also causes inflammation (radiculitis ), then no painkillers, even very strong may not or only help temporarily. While not directly affect the reason, which causes pain in the lower back or back, nothing will.

In such situations, the herniated disc treatment will be much more effective if you use such technique as manual therapy or, in extreme and special cases, surgical treatment in combination with medication. You can also use medication and physiotherapy together because the physical therapy potentiates the effects of drugs that can significantly reduce their dose. But you can also completely replace the medication methods that offer physical therapy.

Methods of physiotherapy

Physiotherapy methods are very diverse. Among them widely used electrotherapy with different electrical currents, high therapy as a more modern version of electrotherapy, magnetotherapy or pulsed with a constant magnetic field, phototherapy with various spectra, including laser therapy and the HILT therapy. Also widely used ultrasound therapy .

Physical therapy is a also use the temperature factor. Refers to heat treatments: wykrawanie using paraffin, ozokerite or special heaters, infrared sauna. The use of infrared saunas is not only a deep warming of the organism, but also its purification and improvement of emotional state. For medicinal purposes is also used of extreme cold: local cryotherapy. cryosauna.

Treatment of diseases of the spine, as well as treatment of joints by physiotherapy takes on new meaning. Physiotherapy in the face of such methods as dry extract and scuba spinal traction brings more therapeutic options. Shock-wave therapy significantly improves the efficacy of therapy, particularly effective is the treatment of arthritic joints .

Rehabilitation of musculoskeletal and sports rehabilitation inherently include the use of various physical therapy techniques, physical therapy, water treatments, mechanotherapy using different simulators.

Physiotherapy involves also mechanical massage, manual massage, hydromassage. Particularly noteworthy is the method of using pressure for therapeutic purposes. This is pressotherapy. which effectively cope with the swelling and venous insufficiency, and also part of the complex, which is shaping .

Physical therapy has many indications, and given no side and negative effects from its use, has taken a worthy place in medical practice.