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The healer, bio-energy therapist

The healer, bio-energy therapist – a doctor, a parapsychologist


After reading this sentence, you cringed, right? Indeed, like a fairy tale. Or on empty promises that are so often hear today. But unless it happens in life?

Right now, on this page, we’ll prove . that to heal, even from chronic diseases without drugs, surgeries and side effects is real.

Introducing a unique method developed by well-known healer, bio-energy therapist and doctor Vladimir I. Kudrin:

cure most known diseases – the result of 98-100%;

the efficiency of the method is confirmed by results of laboratory studies – ultrasound, MRI, CT, biochemical blood tests.

During the initial consultation, the healer-clairvoyant finds out the cause of your disease, its characteristics and consequences for the organism. Determines the deadlines and the expected results of treatment.


Healer of God, psychic, bio-energy therapist is a medical doctor with experience of over 25 years:

• specialist in extrasensory, bioenergetics, healing, clairvoyance, parapsychology, transcendental meditation, healing system of Ayurveda-Maharishi(USA), bioenergetically point massage;

• at the author, not having analogues in the world and allows us to provide healing without side effects at any age;

• in 2009 he was awarded with the medal “Person of Millennium” for the unique method of healing and good results for the treatment of illness.

• certified member of the “Russian professional medical Association of specialists of traditional and folk medicines”(RAMS);

MD, candidate of medical Sciences:

specialization therapy, psychotherapy, hypnology, homeopathy, herbal medicine, extreme medicine, military field surgery, dermatology, addiction treatment.


The personal approach of the Master

Method B. I. Kudrin is a combination of traditional and non-traditional methods of treatment based on a clear understanding of the bioenergetic and physiological processes in the organism of the individual patient. In your body.

Work with your subconscious mind

As is known, the cause of many diseases in ourselves, our way of thinking and habits. In the course of treatment by bio-energetics doctor helps you develop a new attitude towards your body, clears old patterns of disease and creates new stereotypes of health. The result – not just the disease recedes, it is gone forever.

For example…

In the treatment of depression, phobias, panic attacks, neurosis achieved full recovery in 100% of cases.

In the treatment of uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, mastopathy, thyroid gland, disease of the internal organs is about 98-100%.

When removal of damage, evil eye, curses, crown of celibacy – 100% result. Put the strongest protection against negative influences and black magic.

What results should expect you – learn immediately for a free consultation.

The healer, bio-energy V. I. Kudrin is receiving in the medical center in the center of Moscow


You get a forecast on the outcome of treatment in the first meeting with the doctor for free.

The method is suitable for any age – from infants to the elderly.

Healing, bioenergy therapy does not give any side effects – treatment without operations and medicines.

You will not only get rid of their disease, but also receive a complete recovery of the whole organism.

The result of your treatment can be easily verified with modern diagnostic methods (ultrasound, MRI, CT, biochemical blood tests), than can not boast of “traditional healers”.

“Will the METHOD V. I. KUDRIN for MY condition?”

The list of diseases that successfully treats the doctor, a bio – energy therapist and healer Kudrin, is quite wide:

Nervous disorders: depression. phobias, fears, anxiety. neurosis. panic attacks. the nervous exhaustion resulting from chronic stress, etc.

Gynecological diseases: uterine fibroids. the endometriosis. adenomyosis, inflammatory diseases of female genital organs, ovarian cyst. adhesions in the pelvic organs, etc.

Headaches, migraine, vegetative-vascular dystonia and other vascular diseases

Mastopathy. climacteric disorders

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system: osteochondrosis, hernia, scoliosis, spondylosis, arthritis, arthrosis, etc.

Diseases of the upper respiratory tract, including chronic bronchitis

ENT diseases, including sinusitis, sinusitis, adenoids

Skin, allergic diseases, including asthma

Pathology/diseases of immune system

Enuresis, stuttering, spasms

Obesity, metabolic disorders (metabolic disorders)

Endocrine diseases, including thyroid disease

Gastro-intestinal tract

Diseases of the kidneys and urinary system

A more detailed list of diseases, which treats the bio-energy V. I. Kudrin, see “Bioenergy”.

The healer, bio-energy therapist, parapsychologist, Vladimir I. Kudrin bioenergy is also developing individual codes to protect against negatives, rejuvenation, success in business and love, from harmful habits. Details – page “Protective and therapeutic codes”.