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Alcohol in asthma, what is and what is not

Asthma is characterized by symptoms that can sometimes occur and then disappear – coughing, shortness of breath, rales in the bronchi and lungs, with attacks of suffocation or asthmatic conditions because cramps, constriction of the bronchi, swelling of mucous membranes and increased secretion of bronchial mucus.

In most cases, asthma is associated with allergies. When the allergen is present in the environment, the immune system responds and causes inflammation in the lungs.

Common allergens include mold, dust mites, dust, foods, medicines, pollen, animals and chemicals. And how the alcohol in asthma, and is it dangerous this combination?

Alcohol asthma effects

Alcohol has long been recognized as the provocateur of many diseases. Ethanol, once in the blood, reduces the level of immune system, causing malfunction of the liver and digestive system. Excessive alcohol use not only leads to relapse of chronic diseases, but also provokes the appearance of new diseases. The common cold may be complicated by inflammation of the bronchi and increase during inflammatory processes. A weakened immune system is the first that does not allow you to drink during the illness.

By itself, ethanol has no influence on the state of bronchial edema, but he has the ability to absorbed into the bloodstream, thus spreading throughout the human body. Vsledstvie the presence of the blood thickens, increasing the likelihood of thrombosis. Flowing through mutated and thinning of the blood vessels of asthma, it is not able to Lodge into the lungs the right amount of oxygen. Arise in this case oxygen deprivation increases the risk of attack. Asthma and alcohol are incompatible, here the ethanol must be removed completely, so as to calculate a safe dose impossible. Every body’s different reaction to alcohol, in patients with asthma.

The consequences of taking alcohol

allergic reaction;

reaction to meds;

asthma attack;

General malaise;

the risk of recurrence of chronic forms of the disease.

It is worth remembering medications that are taken during treatment of bronchial asthma for the relief of the sick. Almost all of them are hormonal that are not compatible with alcohol. Effect of alcohol drinking in the treatment of such drugs can be as superficial an allergic reaction and asthma deaths .

Unacceptable and folk methods to treat asthma. A large part of traditional healers offering to cure with alcohol, contained in almost all recipes. Such methods are unacceptable. If they don’t even lead to the aggravation of asthma, can easily contribute to problems with the digestive system and liver. Treatment of the disease and any recommendations on medicines can only be carried out under the close supervision of the attending physician.

Traditional medicine offers many medications that help to control asthma.

For correct diagnosis it is necessary to know the mechanisms of development of clinical types of asthma.

Types of the disease

Purchased type

Pocket inhalers should always be at hand

Exogenous, or external form of asthma – a disease which the body’s reaction to irritants: animal dander, house dust, pollen, irritation, food, etc. Suffer this type of asthma children and young people who are affected and other types of allergies, including eczema or allergic rinite. These patients in most cases have a hereditary predisposition to the disease. They present the typical reaction in skin testing. and the level of specific antibodies in the blood increased.

Endogenous type

Non-allergic (internal), or neumonology, asthma is not fully understood. But, despite the fact that cause her reason to explore a little, you know, what the symptoms are virtually the same as in external form. Attacks non-allergic asthma are caused by reasons that do not provoke subsequent attacks. It may be cold air, physical exertion and stress. a sharp warming or cooling, changes in atmospheric humidity, precipitation. Endogenous asthma is mostly observed in adults or teenagers over 14 years old. Such patients may not have relatives with asthma, they have specific reactions when testing on the skin.

Treatment of bronchial asthma

Therapy of all forms of asthma is complex and protracted character. Apply basic and symptomatic drugs. The first act on the mechanism of the disease and control the asthma, while the latter affect only the smooth muscles of the bronchi and relieve asthma attacks.

To symptomatic tools include:

pocket inhalers, which must always be at hand.

For reference:



monoclinal antibodies;

lakotrienove antagonists of receptors.

Basic treatment is necessary, without bronchodilators (inhalers) have to use constantly. This fact is the main symptom of uncontrolled illness.

Asthma is really a serious disease, and, of course, it is not easy to treat. But do not give up the experience of many people shows that with the achievements of modern traditional medicine can live interesting and eventful life. A great help in fighting this nasty disease becomes a healthy lifestyle and no bad habits such as alcohol consumption and Smoking.