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Raw eggs, the benefits and harms how to drink the chicken and quail eggs

Whatever eggs you want to eat, it should be remembered that the product is a unique source of valuable collection of useful components. In addition to a large number of proteins and fats, in eggs many b vitamins (B3 and B12), A, D, E, H and PP. Minerals represented a wide range of: iodine, phosphorus, sulfur, magnesium, calcium, iron, etc. note that at thermal product treatment part of the nutrients is destroyed. Therefore, nutritionists advise to consume more eggs it raw.

Use raw eggs

Eggnog (viewsnice eggs) is a favourite “treat” athletes bodibilderov. In its natural form in the product contains lots of nutritional protein, so needs to build muscle mass. Of course, a natural protein can be replaced by a synthetic Supplement, but it will be more expensive. Besides possible side effects, and not always drugs available.

A natural protein (in raw form) is well absorbed by any organism. Many bodybuilders can’t live without fresh eggs and eat them whole by the dozen. People involved in sports, eat eggs boiled, or added egg whites in a protein drink.

Note that drinking raw eggs is not just for muscle-building. The product has a beneficial effect on the stomach, ponizhatelnoe in it. Sometimes such prevention is more effective than medication. In addition, unlike drugs, natural product less toxic.

Raw eggs are widely used in folk medicine. For example, a prescription cough. Need to shift 10 grams of butter, 2 yolks (raw), 20 g flour, 30 g of honey. Take “medicine” 1 times a day on a tea spoon. In sorcery eggnog was used even in the fight against tuberculosis. To prepare the remedy for the prevention of lung diseases is very simple, you need to whisk one egg with sugar.

Some people believe that raw eggs are beneficial to the vocal cords, it is known that Feodor Chaliapin before each concert definitely had mixed eggnog. The reason is very simple: egg ingredients moisturize the mucous membrane of the larynx, “oiling” of the bunch, at a certain period of time gives them a velvety, rich sound. The same recipe is used by many modern artists to prepare the bundles before the performance.

Raw eggs can be used not only orally, but also externally. Based on egg whites, whipped to foam, prepare the healing mask for aging skin. Mask from egg yolks help to moisturize and tone the skin. Egg solutions help dandruff and uncontrolled hair loss, restoring hair healthy and natural look. Raw eggs can not only be used while washing the hair, but also make them healing restorative mask.

How to store and drink raw eggs

The main danger of raw eggs is that they can be a source of Contracting Salmonella. Of course, before selling the product passes through special sanitary-epidemiological control, but, nevertheless, from the risk of catching infection no one is safe. If you intend to drink a raw egg, be sure to wash, preferably with soap and water.

Retention rules provide for the placement of the product in a cool place (pantry, fridge), preferably sharp edge down. To check the egg on freshness, generally use plain water. Immerse the product in the container with the fluid if the egg sank, it is fresh, if it continues to stay on the surface, it is not necessary to drink it raw. Again, if the shells are visible signs of damage, such eggs are also not consumed raw.

As for the level of risk of catching Salmonella, it is believed that in house the eggs less infectious threats, they say, and healthier and healthier. However, experts are skeptical about such statements, because domestic chickens (and their eggs) in most generally not subject to any sanitary control. By the way, quail eggs Salmonella much less frequently than chicken, and because they are considered much safer.

If you can’t drink egg net, it is possible to prepare a protein drink. Will raskolotoe a few raw eggs in a glass of wine or fruit juice (sweeten to taste) and drink quietly. Daily protein drink on the basis of quail eggs – a guarantee of permanent production in the body vitamin A in large quantities.