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Butter ghee (GI). The benefits and harms. Contraindications
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Masks at Home – Best Recipes of Beauty!

Modern women know how to care for yourself and are able to choose the most effective cosmetic means. And the most popular, despite the diversity of the assortment of professional cosmetics, use the time-tested folk recipes for skin care face and body. We’re talking about a well-known and very effective home remedies beauty masks.

Hair mask with vitamins

The best recipes of beauty!

Natural, live cosmetics – cosmetics, which easily you can prepare yourself at home, using almost any natural products. It can be fruits, vegetables, berries, dairy products, honey, cosmetic clay, herbs and many more from which you can make face masks, homemade scrubs and lotions and tonics for extra cleansing.

In order to prepare mask, or other means homemade cosmetics, you do not have to deliberately go out to buy the necessary components ingredients. Huge selection of various recipes that will allow you to choose the most suitable products for cooking which neverstore available at your place.

Agree that the majority of women at least once in their lives used traditional recipes for the preparation of various masks. This product is intended for care of female beauty, is not only very economical but also highly effective. And to prepare the mask can be made from almost everything that is in the fridge every housewife.

Fruit, vegetable, oil, dairy, grass — here is a partial list of the easiest homemade masks. These beauty remedies are able to cope with literally any problem: acne, oily sheen on the skin, irritation and redness, and early wrinkles, uneven skin tone, etc. it Should only once to use the recipes of masks and feel the visible effect, this tool takes pride of place in the Arsenal of care products in your own cosmetic bag.

The main advantage of the procedure performed at home, is the naturalness of all apply components in the process of making homemade cosmetics. Indeed, in purchased masks contains, as a rule, preservatives, dyes and fragrances. And these additives are often the culprits of allergic reactions occurred. Home remedies made from natural ingredients will easily save you from such problems. The quality and harmlessness of the composition like your skin much more than the purchase cosmetics.

It is important to note the fact that branded cosmetics and salon treatment care require not only substantial financial costs, but most of your free time. So not every woman can afford to carry out the procedure for skin care or hair beauty salon. But to feel the same effect without spending, while spending on home care not more than 30 minutes of free time, can every woman, even a very busy raising children. Take its beauty for half an hour before bed to apply and wash off the mask — and the result will not keep you waiting. That is, to look beautiful and young is not necessary to spend massive amounts of money and spend hours “hanging out” at the beauty salon.

Of great importance in the care of the face have different masks — moisturizing, nourishing, regenerating, cleansing, rejuvenating etc. They saturate the skin cells with all the necessary components, improve metabolism and give your face a healthy well-groomed appearance. You can buy ready-made masks from different manufacturers, and you can do them yourself according to popular recipes.

Our resource is with great pleasure to introduce you to the most simple and effective recipes of homemade masks that are intended for hair care, face and body. With our help, you can easily solve the problem of weak and thin hair, to eliminate the excessive greasiness and the loss of his locks to grow “a braid to her waist” and become the owner of a chic hair.

Among the many recipes for homemade cosmetics you will also find recommendations for the care of dry and oily skin, learn how to prepare effective remedies for pimples and wrinkles, learn the secrets of skin rejuvenation and much more. Draw your attention to the fact that we have the recipes and cosmetics to eliminate cellulite, but also for the beauty of feet and hands.