Drugs of animal origin
Like all traditional medicines, drugs of animal origin were determined empirically and in its action were divided into useful (medicinal) and harmful (poisonous) . This simple classification was a huge…

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Kazakh traditional medicine used by Chinese
At the medical University in Northwest China began to study Kazakh traditional medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine is considered the most famous in the world and many of its techniques, for…

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Drugs of animal origin

Like all traditional medicines, drugs of animal origin were determined empirically and in its action were divided into useful (medicinal) and harmful (poisonous) . This simple classification was a huge value for the further study of drugs, followed by dividing them into medicines for headache, from fatigue, from “belly”, from sexual weakness, from bleeding, from the nervous system.

Drugs of animal origin are widely used in folk medicine of Eastern countries, Africa, India, South America. In European countries, including in Russia, their use is limited, probably due to different climatic conditions, fauna and other religious customs.

In folk medicine in our country, honey is widely used as a General tonic, can relieve pain, remove nervous and physical fatigue, eliminate the disorder of the functions of selection and urination, normalize nocturnal sleep, and mixed with juices of lemon and beetroot – lowering blood pressure hypertension.

As a means of restorative actions and improve protective properties of the organism over the last decade, widespread Shilajit . in folk medicine of the peoples of Asia known many hundreds of years. Even tesacom ago, the physician and philosopher of the peoples of Central Asia, Abu Ali Ibn Sina (Avicenna) in his book “Canon of medicine”, describing the treatment of fractures, indicated that list of medicines that the patient needs to take, “the first and most worthy of them – Shilajit, Shilajit is a pure oil, called oil of Jasmine”. Shilajit study conducted in our time show that retinoid a substance arising from the clefts of the mountains, is a complex biological stimulator. It contains organic matter and trace elements and is a valuable and reliable remedy.

No less stimulating properties have the horns of the young deer antlers . which are widely used in folk medicine for “the lack of male power” and also to strengthen bones and muscles. Currently, ossified, covered with skin of deer antlers (maral, Manchurian deer) selected stimulating drug pantocrine.

The powder of dried cicadas, or cooked decoction in folk medicine of the southern regions of our country is used in febrile and convulsive States.

Mole crickets and crickets . the dried and powdered and combined in equal amounts with the addition of licorice root, used to treat tuberculosis, diseases of the urinary tract, especially in the elderly.

Fresh frog skin . superimposed on the wound or abscess, which has disinfecting and anti-inflammatory effect, and the powder dried the skin is very effective in sore throat and dysentery. For a long time the action of the skin of the frog did not attach much importance. And only in the mid 90-ies of our century a group of American researchers found in the skin of some African frogs potent natural antibiotic (called magazinom), which, apparently, is very effective in the fight against some infectious diseases. Medicinal products derived from domestic animals. Liver is recommended for anemia, edema, and difficulty urinating. Lard is assigned to those with a low power, but it also has a laxative and diuretic effect. Pork kidneys increase the excretion of urine. Lamb liver is widely used for night blindness. Inhalation of fumes of horse urine relieves asthma attacks in bronchial asthma and relief of the heart. Still in folk medicine, the best remedy for burns is considered the freshly collected urine of the person.

Polutemnyh and in steppe areas of our country for the treatment of tuberculosis, exudative pleurisy is often used fat many big marmots and ground squirrels, in forest areas – the fat of the raccoon dog, badger. Meat and fat of a bear is recommended to persons suffering from rheumatism.

Examples of drugs of animal origin do not exhaust their huge list in folk medicine . Of course, the effectiveness of many of them needs to be tested.