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Medicinal plants in human life

People say, that for every sore has its own pot. And indeed it is. An inexhaustible source of strength and health inherent in medicinal plants created by mother nature. Nowadays the information about what in Ancient China and in Ancient Egypt thousands of years ago actively used the therapeutic properties of the herbs. From generation to generation is passed great knowledge about the healing properties of medicinal herbs. But not everyone is given this knowledge. To use the great gift of nature necessary to wisely. The millennial experience of mankind in herbal medicine formed the basis of folk medicine, which gives priority to medicinal plants as the main drug against most known diseases.

In Russia have long been the treatment with medicinal herbs studied healers and herbalist, who thoroughly knew the properties of medicinal plants and used their buildings for the healing of the afflicted. Many information about the properties of medicinal herbs have become famous thanks to these people. After all, even modern medicine does not accidentally drew attention to something or other medicinal plant. Studied the experience of using particular plants in the practice of traditional medicine. And let the healing properties of some plants by official medicine are put into question,they continue successfully used in folk medicine and give a positive result.

The value of medicinal plants lies you that they are successfully used not only for treatment of certain diseases, but also for overall health, with preventive purpose, to strengthen the immune system, in order to achieve anti-aging effect, improve the quality of life and increase its duration. Of course, today there are a lot of drugs – of the achievements of pharmacology, modern medical equipment. in the salons of hardware carry out cosmetic procedures, but this did not detract from medicinal value of herbs.

To think that in modern society the use of medicinal plants is not relevant and is not fashionable is the height of folly. It is not fashionable to be sick and treatment may not be trendy or not trendy – it should be effective. In favor of herbal treatment is the fact that plants, as part of the organic world of the earth are kindred substance to the human body. So herbal treatment is a natural process that helps to cleanse the body of toxins, which are often the cause of many ailments. And what about the fact that the treatment can be used by plants, which themselves contain certain toxic substances, it all depends on the correct application of such plants.

The plants used for medicinal purposes, contain different groups of chemical compounds, which together are responsible for the therapeutic properties of particular plants: glycosides, tannins. mucus, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, essential oils, bitter principles, alkaloids, saponins, resins, dyes, enzymes, trace elements, vitamins, phytoncides, etc. Due to the fact that each plant contains a whole bunch of different substances, the so-called “medical beginnings”, every medicinal plant can be used in the treatment of not just one, but several, often diametrically opposed diseases.

A great influence on the efficacy of medicinal plants provides compliance with the rules of their collection and storage. Each medicinal plant should be collected at a certain time and at a certain stage of growth or flowering. It is therefore necessary to pay careful attention to this, if you yourself are engaged in harvesting of medicinal raw materials. By the way, not always gives the best effect of fresh raw materials. Often before application the grass should be either dried or soaked in certain conditions to bioactively.

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