Folk Healer Anastasia
"I've always had a natural gift of healing and clairvoyance, I just didn't know about it."- Anastasia They call me the healer Anastasia. Now I will tell you about the…

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The healer in Moscow
Folk healer of Russia Comprehensive practice of healing eliminates the cause of the disease and its possible consequences at all energy levels. The healer considers each case individually, because the…

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Always a fresh batch of health and good mood – Health portal of the Primorsky territory

Five years ago, opening after refurbishment in the new format, pharmaceutical Municipal unitary enterprise “Central city pharmacy” the city Finds decided to experiment. One of the first in the province opened a juice bar, where the main dishes were offered oxygen cocktails on the decoction of herbs. After the Findings fito bars opened in Dalnegorsk and Spassk, with the experience and advice of colleagues here from Khabarovsk. But most importantly, over the years this place has become a favorite for many citizens.

Juice bar Central city pharmacy rarely empty. To get to this cafe health is possible through a separate entrance, and directly from the shop floor. “We never pass by, the children love the smoothies with bubbles,” says Irina, which devours the sons of spoons healing foam of their cups. At this time the bar flies group of pupils. Sitting on tables, they take out notebooks and tablets and oxygen order dessert. “After practice we get a lot of pupils and students. Especially for youth it provides free Wi-Fi. We are very pleased that the guys are communicating and not drink a coke, and healing beverages”, – says the specialist of the juice bar Elena Kukushkina .

“A juice bar is one of the ways of attracting people to a healthy lifestyle, – said the head of proizvodstvennogo Central city drugstore Finds Ludmila Kamshilova . Started with oxygen cocktails, (it is believed that one portion of it replaces a half-hour walk in the forest), has gradually expanded the range”.

It turns out that the oxygen cocktail was invented in the middle of the last century in the USSR, and the first fito bars began to open in pharmacies for more than thirty years ago. According to the documents of those years, they served “to increase the effectiveness of pharmacies, as well as for providing the population with medicines of plant origin”.

This cocktail is distinguished by its tonic properties, is known for its benefits to the respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular, and nervous systems of the body. This is real medicine, for example, for people with hypoxia or anoxia. Therefore, fito bars and open in sanatoriums and health complexes.

“In children’s hospitals oxygen cocktails give children with chronic bronchitis. However, today modern technology allows to make such drinks out of large medical institutions, thereby making them more accessible, – says Lyudmila Yurievna. – The inhabitants of the Findings quickly tasted the new – the popularity of our Wellness bar in the city is only growing, regular visitors very much.”

The expert emphasizes that the juice bar is a full-fledged production, where compliance with all hygiene requirements . So, decoctions for oxygen cocktails and desserts are prepared on the same basis as that of prescription drugs. All according to norms and pharmacy orders.

By the way, people have made a purchase for a particular amount in any of the 11 points of the urban pharmaceutical company, receive a voucher for a free oxygen cocktail.

Live yogurt (as the popularity of it in second place after cocktails and desserts), use only fresh inoculant in the pharmacy prepared daily. As a rule, this product disperses during the day. Many Campari yogurt at home already. “If possible, it is better to consume dairy products or their cooking, or made into medical institution, – said Lyudmila Kamshilova – The same applies to ice cream, juice bar it is always fresh”.

In addition, the juice bar is a good assistant for those who intend to buy a big bag of healing herbal tea or coffee for weight loss. Before you make a choice, you can taste the products in a calm and cozy atmosphere.

Phyto bar replenished constantly. In winter, for example, among other things, the visitors are offered hot mulled wine. New this season – signature tri-color cocktail, of course, also useful for health. You can freshen up and mahito with fresh mint.

The pharmacy was not accustomed to stand still. The only thing I want to change is the format of small cozy cafe with 20 seats, decorated in the same style the shop floor.

“Our mission is to give people health . Juice bar is always waiting for new guests. We held the shares for the orphanage children in children’s Day, was treated with oxygen cocktails the patients of the children’s polyclinic, – says Lyudmila Kamshilova. – If there will be enough interest to educational institutions, can arrange regular field action. In addition, the pharmacy is ready to share its experience with organizations interested in opening a similar production on their base. Because at the time we created the juice bar from scratch, was looking for their own equipment, designed the required documentation, etc.”.