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Herbs for weight loss – types, action, application

Herbs for weight loss

Topic of weight loss is especially important closer to the warm time of year, before vacations and holidays. Many people want not only to pull the figure at any cost, but to do it in the safest possible manner. Help to lose weight herbs in this case are most trusted, as most of us instinctively trust natural remedies . However, this is not quite correct. Medicinal herbs need to be very careful because they also have their side effects. In this article you will get acquainted with their types, teas, charges and drugs based on them.

The action of herbs for weight loss

The effect of most of these herbs based on the laxative effect. Substances contained in them can irritate the walls of the colon and assist to its rapid emptying. In light of this, I need hardly say that the abuse of various herbal teas for weight loss, which often includes Senna (Cassia), leads to the irritable bowel syndrome, disorders of its microflora and immunity weakening, loss of fluid, salts and nutrients that do not have time absorbed in the intestine.

In addition, most herbs unlimited admission lead to allergies.

Types of herbs for slimming

One part of the herbs used in herbal camp for weight loss registered in GOSUDARSTVENNAYA – the main document of medicines. These herbs and their actions were thoroughly understood. The other part is folk remedies, their properties have been less studied. In this article, we will discuss only the registered herbs.

Herbs for weight loss are divided into several groups:

herbs that reduce appetite: the thallus of laminaria, flax seeds, shoots of bilberry, hawthorn, rose hips, leaf beans;

herbs that increase the flow of energy: Magnolia, coffee bean, Siberian ginseng, ginger, St. John’s wort;

herbs that have diuretic and choleretic effect that reduces the weight by removing excess water: horsetail, leaf of barberry, cowberry, bearberry, rhizome of calamus, the grass ARVI, birch buds, immortelle flowers;

herbs with laxative and carminative effect: the seeds of fennel and dill, Senna (Cassia), aloe juice, rhizomes and roots of Burnet, buckthorn bark, chamomile flowers.

Fees and herbal teas for weight loss

As a rule, in teas and herbal camp for weight loss are several kinds of herbs . Proceeds from the teas differ only in the degree of grinding. Because tea herb powdered is better, and necessary materials in larger quantities are allocated from them when brewing. Fees and teas, you can do it yourself, and you should buy in the pharmacy.

Here is the recipe collection, which helps reduce appetite and normalize blood sugar, weight given per hundred grams of the collection, all items should be dried:

dry the rose hips — 15 g;

of bilberry shoots 20 grams;

chamomile flowers – 20 g;

St. John’s wort herb – 15 g

This fee is not only useful but also delicious. If you want to prepare and other fees, remember that the taste of any of them will improve if you add rosehip or cranberry, as a sweetener in the training camp you can use the herb stevia.

Now focus on purchase the teas and fees. Positive reviews about herbs for weight loss, you can hear from people who enjoy teas and duties of the company “Naturprodukt” . company “Krasnogorskleksredstva”, by “Health”. The company “Krasnogorskleksredstva” there are multiple herbal remedies for weight loss in the packaging of 100 g, is multicast: “Hitogata”, “Gastric collection No. 3”, “Brusniver”.

The firm “Naturprodukt” there is a line of herbal slimming teas, this is tea number 5 for concessions, tea No. 4 to improve digestion, tea No. 16 to reduce the weight, tea No. 19 cleansing.

Company “Health” produces medicinal herbs for weight loss in the packaging of 100 g and 50 g.

Precautions the use of herbs for weight normalization

If you need help to lose weight herbs, remember contraindications. Do not use laxative herbs when problems with the stomach and bowels, with tendency to allergies. Herbs that have diuretic and choleretic effect not recommended in the presence of stones in kidneys and gall bladder, because it may trigger their release. Herbs that increase the tone, it is not recommended for problems with sleep.

Purgative herbs are not recommended to take more than five or seven consecutive days, like diuretics. Herbs that reduce appetite and promote energy expenditure you can apply for up to several months.

The use of medicinal herbs for weight loss can replace you a few months of grueling diets . but do not forget that, like all other remedies, losing weight with the help of medicinal teas or fees should go in conjunction with other methods such as proper diet and moderate exercise.