Butter ghee (GI). The benefits and harms. Contraindications
When I wrote the previous article about the benefits of mustard. you mentioned ghee, which has, I would say, an exotic name – ghee (also referred to simply as GI).…

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Butter ghee (GI). The benefits and harms. Contraindications
When I wrote the previous article about the benefits of mustard. you mentioned ghee, which has, I would say, an exotic name – ghee (also referred to simply as GI).…

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Folk Healer Anastasia

“I’ve always had a natural gift of healing and clairvoyance, I just didn’t know about it.”- Anastasia

They call me the healer Anastasia. Now I will tell you about the gift that allows me to help people.

Since childhood I was different from peers. More developed intuition helped me make the right decisions. Note that, even adults would consult with me even though I was only a little years.

Often grandma sat down beside him and asked, at times, quite childish questions that I was able to find the answers. Furthermore, as any elderly person, she often felt unwell. I took her by the hand and sincerely wished her good health with all my childish heart. Somehow, it helped the grandmother, and the pain departed.

Despite the fact that our family had three children, father always took me and listened to my predictions, and advice about how best to proceed in a given situation. Mothers I helped to keep the relationship with his father, once between parents went wrong.

Because of my gift in the family treated me very respectfully and with a very young age, was called by the patronymic, which seemed very odd to me. Of course, that I am healer, I learned not at once. And at first, fearing its capabilities, I tried to ignore them and live like a normal person. However prophetic dreams, which appeared at the age of thirteen, completely changed my life.

I have these fateful meetings and important situations. In addition, in the dream I saw the death of his mother, father and grandmother who left this world within one year. For a long time I continued to try to ignore the information coming to me through some unknown channels. However, all changed by the accident, in which I found myself. Shortly before, a dream had warned me about the danger, but I ignored it, though, and unwillingness to go on a mission was very bright.

Many well-known proverb “How to grief, and to GOD.” Nevertheless, people live, not taking into account the fact that each of us has a guardian angel – God’s servant. The Lord feeds his energy, giving us invaluable protection.

Before his fatal accident, I don’t not see myself as a healer, I lived, almost without knowing God. However, this event changed my life. I was driving the car, it was early morning and the nearest settlement was about 15 km away. At this point my car “rammed” a vehicle in which there were five not quite sober citizens. In the accident I got spiral fractures of both legs in the calf. In addition, from hitting the steering wheel had broken teeth. In turn, my car turned into a pile of scrap metal. Thank God that the blow fell on the passenger side where nobody was, since I was traveling alone.

Being in shock, I got out of the car and fell into a ditch, washed by the rain. Mobile phone in those days I had and all hope I had left was prayer. I knew that in such a situation I a long time no one to help except God. For the reason that I didn’t know the prayers, I began to ask the Lord in your own words, choking in tears and racked with pain.

I’m sure I was still alive thanks to God. After the accident I could not walk for about a year. So it was time to think about the future. Getting to his feet, I started to live radically differently, feeling the pain of people. I wanted to help anyone who needs salvation. One day, about a year after the accident, taking the woman’s hand, I saw her, felt her problems with the child. Since then opened and the gift of clairvoyance. Had a very strong desire to use their skills for the benefit of people. Then came the feeling I was a folk healer.

First suffering found me themselves. To be honest, I don’t even know how. People just spend hours waiting for me at the entrance, asking for help. Today I am here 7 years am constantly. Many people can help. In particular, best of all I get to heal mental problems and skin diseases. Among them and as difficult as demodicosis, eczema, boils, erysipelas…

My husband has long held the position of Dean of the faculty of medicine. From him I learned about the miraculous properties of plants. Unfortunately, my husband already left this world, however, knowledge of herbal medicine and herbalism left. I successfully use his experience that he gave me for 15 years. In the beginning I didn’t really understand the desire of the husband to teach me the intricacies of plants. Currently, however, I appreciate the knowledge full.

For many years my husband and I studied the flora, creating recipes for the treatment of many diseases. All the practices we have successfully used in order to help relatives, neighbors and friends. The husband had planned, after retiring, to fully devote their energies to the care of people. I had to help him, but, unfortunately, my husband died. However, I have not abandoned his ideas and apply them to help people.

I am very pleased to see their visitors, which is getting better. Have they been uplifted, and the disease gradually recedes. If You or Your relatives need help, I am a healer Anastasia, I will do everything I can to solve the existing problems, freeing one from suffering. Moreover, both mental and physical.