Physical therapy is a complex therapeutic effect on the human body by using physical factors. These factors can be naturally occurring or be created by man in the process of…

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Season sauerkraut: benefit, harm I.
About the benefits of sauerkraut can talk a long time. It is known that she has a tonic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antibacterial, anticarcinogenic effect. However, in some cases, this food can…

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Traditional recipes of beauty

Your favorite shampoo disappeared from the stores, and the miracle cream has become can’t afford? Do not rush to despair – maybe traditional medicine can be for you a truly “anti-crisis” solution. The most common vegetables and fruits can be successfully used to care for face and body.

This unique vegetable is 90-95% water and contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B5, B6, PP, C, a multitude of macro – and microelements, nitrogenous compounds. Since ancient times, known for its moisturizing, revitalizing, rejuvenating effect on the skin.

The easiest way of application is to wipe the face a slice of cucumber after washing your face twice a day. Return the freshness to facial skin will help mask regular from a mixture of mashed cucumber and apples.

Faithful companion of our grandmothers in the fight against acne, freckles, redness of the skin was cucumber lotion . To make it easy and now. 100g young green cucumbers crushed, pour 100 g of vodka and insist in a cool dark place for 2 weeks. The resulting infusion was filtered through cheesecloth and store in refrigerator in a tightly sealed container. If the skin is dry, lotion diluted in half with water and add 1 teaspoon of glycerin.

Fresh cucumber juice can be used as a toner for all skin types. It does not cause allergies, cleans and moisturizes the skin and has strong anti-inflammatory effect.

And remember many Hollywood movies, in comorehensive put to bed with circles of cucumber on the eyelids. And all because of that no new-fangled cream or eye gel will not eliminate as fast circles and bags under the eyes, as this simple vegetable.

Fans of traditional medicine can spend hours listing useful properties of the cabbage, to tell about the incredible amount of vitamins, enzymes, trace elements in each cabbage leaf, to share some recipes cabbage-tested drugs.

In cosmetology for the cabbage, also found a place. Whole cabbage leaves are applied for several hours to burn (especially solar), bruises, abrasions.

Cabbage juice or finely powdered leaves are used to treat eczema, skin irritations, cracks, pustular rash. The most popular is the so-called Paris mask of sauerkraut.

The Belarusian vegetable contains high amounts of vitamins A, E and C, potassium and magnesium, amino acids and starch. Especially prized new potatoes, as the amount of vitamins in it several times more than stored in a few months.

For burns, eczema, neurodermatitis recommend to apply on the skin grated on a fine grater potato. But if this slurry is mixed with milk or sour cream – you get quite a budget remedy for lightening freckles and healing cracks on heels.


Even a child will tell you about the benefits of onion in the fight against flu, colds, gastritis, and immune disorders. But the bow in cosmetology have long forgotten, and in vain. Other vegetables onions is notable for high content of organic acids – citric, malic, ascorbic, essential amino acids and is expressed phytoncide activity.

Avicenna recommended for getting rid of age spots, including senile, and improve complexion daily to wipe the face of fresh onion.

Our grandmothers also used onions to strengthen the hair and improve their growth. The most famous method: apply on the scalp 1 time a week onion juice (with 1 teaspoon of honey and sea-buckthorn oil), wrap your head with a towel and leave the mask for 1-2 hours.

There is a easier way: 2 handfuls of dry onion skin, rinse with cold water, pour 1 Cup boiling water and infuse for 1 hour, the infusion ready to bring to the boil, filter from the skins and add to water for rinsing hair. Retrieved on personal experience: the hair is shiny, less fall, and besides acquire a light Golden hue.

Berries and fruits.

The most pleasant cosmetic procedure, of course, those that use the berries and fruits. Containing in them organic acids act as gentle exfoliation, evens out, cleaned and narrow pores, sugar – nourish the skin, while vitamins and amino acids – fill lights.

The most delicious mask of strawberries. Just mash a handful of berries with a fork (if the skin is very oily, add 1 egg white) and put on face for 10-15 minutes, not every mask “from the store” can make the skin so soft and radiant.

For oily skin with enlarged pores and a tendency to inflammation will be useful mask from the pulp of the melon and wheat flour in the ratio of about 3:1. To make it worth it 1-2 times a week for 20 minutes.

A wonderful rejuvenating effect on the skin has a pear . Overripe fruits are cleaned and crushed, the resulting slurry is applied to the face, neck, décolleté and hands for 15-20 min. Then wash off the mask with warm water and lubricate the skin non-greasy cream.

In the same way you can use peach. Peach oil is an old remedy to moisturize the skin and prevent wrinkles, in addition, it is hypoallergenic, so is suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

The main advantage of such popular recipes is their accessibility and safety. The main thing — do not forget about the sense of proportion