Balsam Golden star
The majority of the people of the Soviet generation well-known balm, then called the Vietnamese asterisk. Whether then we misread, or he changed the name, this balm is now called…

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Physiotherapy is a treatment methods that do not use chemicals, and use: ultrasound, electric currents, magnetic field, laser, and various kinds of radiation: (infrared, ultraviolet, polarized light). Physiotherapy methods include…

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BPH: treatment of folk remedies

BPH is an overgrowth of the prostate tissue and the appearance of “knots” and tumors that obstruct the urinary flow. This disease is very common and requires careful, professional treatment under the supervision of an experienced professional.

Today there are several stages of this disease. The first is easily treatable, if it is matched correctly and is characterized by delayed start of urination. But despite this, the bladder is well emptied, and the liquid in it. Its duration is from one to three years, after which it passed to the second stage, which is called subcompensated. It is characterized by thickening of the walls of the bladder, urine is expelled from the body completely, urine is in small portions randomly. During the third stage, the bladder is distended, the urine may be mixed with blood.

Let’s talk about the treatment

Our medicine offers many different drugs, due to which, according to the manufacturer, can in the shortest possible time to get rid of the problem. However, most of them cannot cope with the objectives, and even, on the contrary, does harm to the internal organs. Because of this, the treatment process need choice responsibly. And remember that on perfomative can carry out the treatment of prostatitis in the home folk remedies. Because often they are not inferior to the advertised funds. So, applying them, health can be improved in a week. As for second and third degree, while the folk medicine it is recommended to combine with medical drugs to improve the effectiveness of treatment.

Treatment of prostatitis in the home folk remedies: the most effective methods

If you have a suspicion of this disease or diagnosis has confirmed that you have prostate adenoma, treatment of folk remedies should begin as early as possible. The most popular method is the use of garlic and onions. We need to consume in fresh form. Of them can cook a variety of dishes, including salads. Is also useful drink, which is easy to prepare. Two tablespoons slurry of garlic and onions, pour a glass of water and let the infusion fluid for six hours.

There are other, equally popular recipes, thanks to which treatment of prostatitis in the home folk remedies is quick.


1. Onion infusion. In equal parts, mix the dry leaves of birch and onions, pour hot water and leave for an hour. It’s recommended to drink before meals.

2. Chestnut. Chestnut shell (three tablespoons) pour the alcohol (one Cup). Then place the container in a dark place for ten days. But note, it is strongly recommended to shake. After this miracle drink will strain and add to drinks for fifty drops. So, for example, water, tea, juice, etc.

3. Pumpkin. Use pumpkin seeds in their raw form. Recommended dose is thirty thousand. If there are so you can grind in a blender and add the honey. To enhance the effect, it is recommended to ingredients add chopped walnuts.

4. The celandine. One scoop of dry grass (it comes shredded) pour boiling water (one Cup). The liquid ready for consumption in two hours. You need to drink a spoon of it for a few minutes before eating for one month.

5. Walnut. Septum nut (two tablespoons) pour water (half a Cup) and bring to the boil. After twenty minutes turn off the gas and leave for two hours. You need to drink three times a day for a hundred grams.

And finally, remember, every disease requires the supervision of a specialist, including BPH, treatment of folk remedies is no exception. Therefore contact a good, experienced doctor who will be able to determine the optimal treatment, leaving the condition of your body and react immediately to any changes.