Ayahuasca is a Shamanic Expedition in Peru
The magical drink known as Ayahuasca (Ayahuasca ) is used by shamans and witch doctors of the Amazon since pre-Columbian times for healing and other magical practices. This tradition is…

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Physical therapy is a complex therapeutic effect on the human body by using physical factors. These factors can be naturally occurring or be created by man in the process of…

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Traditional medicine of South America

Protection from disease

Most often the plants have been used by people as food. The second most popular application is the use of plants to treat people. This area is very ancient, the doctor requires a lot of knowledge in this field, accuracy and accountability.

In addition, the science of treating people is developing every year throughout its existence, still sought money from certain illnesses, and new diseases, which also need to seek medications. “Medical science is one of the most ancient and the most important: as long while alive on the Earth at least one person, research in the field of medicine will be relevant” Simba Lyon.

But if the disease does not require treatment to medicine, Muggles and wizards often seek help just to houseplants.

These plants can very often be found on the sills of Windows in homes and apartments Muggles and wizards:

– Aloe (Aloe):

Succulent* shrub of the Lily family with an erect stem and branching succulent leaves. Homeland of the plant is South Africa. Continue reading

Kazakh traditional medicine used by Chinese

At the medical University in Northwest China began to study Kazakh traditional medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine is considered the most famous in the world and many of its techniques, for example, “banks” is so ingrained in Russia that are considered to be tested “grandma’s remedy” for treating colds and flu, and many do not even remember about their Chinese roots.

However, the Chinese are not confined to their own medicine, and in 2013 began to study the traditional treatment of diseases since ancient times, used by neighbors. Xinjiang medical University in Urumqi in Western China this year began to teach the first students of the new speciality “Kazakh traditional medicine”.

Students the first issue will be not so much pupils, how many researchers. As the school they are familiar with originals of medieval manuscripts written in the ancient dialect, Kipchak, and Chagatai. For this reason, in the first training group University scored only ethnic Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Tatars, and Uighurs – a single representative of the “ethnic majority” is still not among them. Continue reading

BPH: treatment of folk remedies

BPH is an overgrowth of the prostate tissue and the appearance of “knots” and tumors that obstruct the urinary flow. This disease is very common and requires careful, professional treatment under the supervision of an experienced professional.

Today there are several stages of this disease. The first is easily treatable, if it is matched correctly and is characterized by delayed start of urination. But despite this, the bladder is well emptied, and the liquid in it. Its duration is from one to three years, after which it passed to the second stage, which is called subcompensated. It is characterized by thickening of the walls of the bladder, urine is expelled from the body completely, urine is in small portions randomly. During the third stage, the bladder is distended, the urine may be mixed with blood.

Let’s talk about the treatment

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