How to treat Ear mites in cats
Ear mites What are ear mites and how it looks? There are several types of ear mites that can live in the ears of cats, but the most common are…

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The healer in Moscow
Folk healer of Russia Comprehensive practice of healing eliminates the cause of the disease and its possible consequences at all energy levels. The healer considers each case individually, because the…

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Is it possible to earn in Minsk on wild medicinal herbs?

The correspondent of Agency “Minsk-news” to find out whether in Minsk to take herbs and make a profit.


Old-timers say that in Soviet times pharmacies took herbs for money, because in the country there was a shortage of such raw materials. And some claim that know a lot of the herbal gifts nature has managed to cobble together this integer.

To accept such materials could not all pharmacists, but only those who have passed special training, – says the pharmacist with 45 years of experience of Alina capris. – Know warehouse with medicinal plants were Timiryazev street, where we have already packaged plant material. We manufactured decoctions, infusions and the like.

In those years people could pass, for example, chamomile, oak bark, John’s wort, horsetail, red bilberry. And in some cases took only flowers, other stems, in the third – sheets. In dried form to pass them was not desirable, as this stage of preparation is full of wisdom – for example, in the light to dry it is impossible. Continue reading

Folk medicines

The history of the use of medicinal plants

The people have been treated with herbs. The plants as a folk medicines have always been the main component of any recipe, not counting vegetables, fruits and bee products. Thanks to the archaeologists, it became known that even ancient people experienced the miraculous properties of plants.

Ancient Egypt

The Egyptians wrote on papyrus formulations of herbal drugs and special properties of herbs that had come to them from Assyria and Babylon. Scientists have deciphered the manuscripts, and it became known that Egypt used different grinding, ointments and decoctions with complex composition, as well as aromatic oils, resins and balsams.

In China in the treatment of various diseases has been successfully used ginseng and antlers. In a book called “Fundamentals of pharmacology” were given the characteristics of about 1500 vegetable drugs. This scientific work was still in use in many countries. Continue reading

Potatoes, treatment with ceratophylum, description, and properties of potatoes, the use of kartofelya in folk medicine

Potatoes – Solanum tuberosum L. – a widely known plant. The Motherland of potato is South America. Potatoes are one of the most important crops cultivated everywhere and gives stable yields. The potato is since ancient times has been a staple food for the inhabitants of the Andes. In 1570 the Spaniards brought home potatoes from Mexico, where this plant was bred natives of South America. The population of Europe was not long familiar with him. In Paris in 1616, the potato was only served to the Royal table.

In Russia, the potato first appeared under Peter I, but really the potato was grown only under Catherine II, who in 1765 bought his in Germany and in the same year by the decree throughout the country received a special instruction on the cultivation of potatoes. Peasants called this plant the “devil’s Apple” and was considered a great sin it is, therefore, to introduce in their life the potato was hard. But with time the distrust was overcome and the potato became the second bread.

Application: for therapeutic purposes are used the tubers and potato juice. In potatoes identified substances – protein, starch, fat, oxalic, citric, malic and other organic acids, vitamins B1, B2, B12, C and PP, potassium, phosphorus. In the tubers found glycoalkaloid tuberin, solanine and amyl alcohol.

Svezhenanesenny juice helps with hyperacidity gastritis and peptic ulcer disease, it neutralizes increased acidity of gastric juice, you need to take 100 ml 30 minutes before meals at bedtime. Continue reading