Is it possible to earn in Minsk on wild medicinal herbs?
The correspondent of Agency "Minsk-news" to find out whether in Minsk to take herbs and make a profit. Yesterday Old-timers say that in Soviet times pharmacies took herbs for money,…

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Alternative medicine from Aquarius
Alternative medicine Welcome! This page is devoted to folk methods of treatment of various diseases. The famous Bulgarian healer Vanga, leaving life, he left us a priceless gift - a…

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The healer in Moscow

Folk healer of Russia

Comprehensive practice of healing eliminates the cause of the disease and its possible consequences at all energy levels. The healer considers each case individually, because the individual is a multistructural energy system. Each person is unique, as well as his physical and energetic shield is also unique, and therefore selection of suitable type of disease treatment should be individualized. After diagnosis (which also uses medical astrology ) I for each person choose private treatment, of course, not health, but healing, which in its effect is in no way inferior and sometimes superior to traditional methods.

Healer Of Moscow – Lidia Petrovna!

Already for anybody not a secret that very often it turns out that the cause of many diseases is hidden within ourselves, in our way of thinking and habits. This is the fundamental difference between traditional medicine and healing. Medicine uses methods aimed at healing the body and healing detects and destroys the causes of disease, using a complex set of knowledge and skills. I will teach you how to properly treat your body, to listen to his wishes and use his capabilities to the maximum. As a result, you will not just ease the symptoms of a disease, you get rid of it forever!Start a new healthy life right now, I will gladly help you! Continue reading


Physiotherapy is a treatment methods that do not use chemicals, and use: ultrasound, electric currents, magnetic field, laser, and various kinds of radiation: (infrared, ultraviolet, polarized light).

Physiotherapy methods include a variety of topics: the treatment with water, light, therapeutic mud, electricity, and so on. In the treatment physical therapy significantly reduced the medication.

The impact of physical therapy on the body:

– immunostimulatory;

– analgesic;

– antibacterial;

– anti-inflammatory;

– healing.

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Physical therapy, lab work and ultrasound in St. Petersburg – Medical On Group


Physiotherapy is one of the most popular and safest methods of treatment to date. Physical therapy is a method of treatment of various diseases using physical factors: currents, magnetic field, laser, ultrasound. Also can use different kinds of radiation: infrared, ultraviolet and polarized light.

In most cases physiotherapy is prescribed as a treatment for the disease in early stages or as an auxiliary treatment. In urology, gynecology, physiotherapy selected individually for each patient depending on the age of the person and the severity of the disease. Physiotherapy is particularly effective in the combined treatment.

Often physical therapy is prescribed as an adjunct for the treatment of any disease. Physiotherapy is particularly effective in the treatment of adhesive disease. The postoperative period is easier if in the process of healing to undergo physiotherapy. Continue reading