Potatoes, treatment with ceratophylum, description, and properties of potatoes, the use of kartofelya in folk medicine
Potatoes - Solanum tuberosum L. - a widely known plant. The Motherland of potato is South America. Potatoes are one of the most important crops cultivated everywhere and gives stable…

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Is it possible to earn in Minsk on wild medicinal herbs?
The correspondent of Agency "Minsk-news" to find out whether in Minsk to take herbs and make a profit. Yesterday Old-timers say that in Soviet times pharmacies took herbs for money,…

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Butter ghee (GI). The benefits and harms. Contraindications

When I wrote the previous article about the benefits of mustard. you mentioned ghee, which has, I would say, an exotic name – ghee (also referred to simply as GI). I am sure that many will be interested to know what kind of oil is and what it eats? About the benefits and dangers of oil ghee, as nobody better can tell lineazeta, namely, Pakistanis, Indians, Nepalese, Bangladeshi, as well as Sri Lankans, as they widely use this product.

In General, ghee is a melted and cured on low heat butter, which is used in cooking and for treating some ailments. Also without it there are special religious rituals of Hinduism. To oil lamps Hindus were burning with a bright flame, seasoned with ghee. I’ve never seen one burn this lamp, but I think that the smell of the burning ghee is much nicer than from kerosene, which, pardon the expression, stinks.

Butter ghee. The benefits and harms

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The benefits and harms of turmeric, used in folk medicine and cooking

Turmeric: unknown properties of known spices

Turmeric, also known as yellow root, zarkava, turmeric, is a plant which belongs to the ginger family and came to us from South-Eastern India. Thus, it is possible to say, turmeric is a type of ginger. Over forty known varieties of this spicy plant, but in the food industry and cooking use:

homemade turmeric (tumeric). Favorite Eastern spice, without which it is difficult to imagine the cuisine of Central Asia;

round. Prepare kurkumoy starch;

turmeric zedoaria. Characterized by a bitter pungent taste. Used for the production of liquor;

fragrant turmeric. Used in cooking.


Turmeric has a positive effect on digestive processes and skin condition

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Folk medicine for the prevention and treatment of influenza – Flu and SARS – the people’s medicine – That everyone should know

Folk medicine for the prevention and treatment of influenza

Folk medicine for the prevention and treatment of influenza has accumulated in the Treasury a lot of knowledge. From generation to generation carefully passed down the advice of traditional healers, experience and family tradition.

And if the flu does not at all times called influenza, and it is known that influenza-like illness was noted in ancient times, the recipes for the treatment of the disease and its many complications can be found in old herbals and medical reference, and in modern books.

Recipes and tips are almost always simple and easy to implement, while raw materials are often at hand. But using the recipes, remember the cautious use of folk remedies.

The most popular means for the prevention of influenza are onions and garlic. In the literature well-known cases of immunity to influenza, if a person regularly eats daily with food 2 medium onions.

Chopped onion pour 0,5 l of boiling milk, allow to infuse for 1 hour in a thermos. To drink with the flu one Cup of hot infusion at night, and the other in the morning.

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