Folk Healer Anastasia
"I've always had a natural gift of healing and clairvoyance, I just didn't know about it."- Anastasia They call me the healer Anastasia. Now I will tell you about the…

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Physiotherapy at the clinic
Physiotherapy (from the Greek phisis nature and therapeia – treatment) has been studying and using action on the body the physical forces of nature, both natural (solar radiation, water, air,…

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Balsam Golden star

The majority of the people of the Soviet generation well-known balm, then called the Vietnamese asterisk. Whether then we misread, or he changed the name, this balm is now called gold Star. He has been, made in Vietnam, is widely known both at home and around the world. If anyone remembers, at one time this balm completely disappeared from our drugstores, but then appeared again, still the same red bottle and gold star. However, in the original composition there was no eucalyptus, but then appreciating the wonderful properties of eucalyptus oil, it was added to the balm.

Oddly enough, but the composition and ingredients of this ointment are simple and accessible, but neither the Vietnamese, nor after them, no reason this balm is not trying to produce. Based on the herbs and substances that are commonly used in Vietnamese folk medicine. The Vietnamese, like other Asian peoples, great attention is paid to the nerve points on the body, massage, physiotherapy and homeopathy. With reference to this was made this ointment for use in these procedures.

You may be useful to know the true manufacturer of balm Golden star. It danapha the Vietnamese pharmaceutical company, Danapha Pharmaceutical JSC, located in zentralkomitee in the city of da Nang. Continue reading

Types of alternative medicine

For the average person disease. Because of the pain and suffering experienced in an unhealthy condition, people try to avoid illness. That’s why we have so many pharmacies, clinics and hospitals. There are three main ways of prevention or treatment of disease: Western medicine, Chinese medicine and Qigong (improvement).

Western medicine is currently the most basic and popular method of treatment of diseases. Western medicine consists of a range of clinical theories and treatment strategies, including: injections and tablets of drugs, surgery, radiation therapy, etc. Western medicine, engaged in elimination of diseases, offers direct and sometimes mechanical treatments to patients. For example, the strays antipyretic fever, infection — antibiotics, but the tumor is often removed with a scalpel.

Chinese medicine, on the other hand, after flourishing in ancient times and recession in recent times, is again on the way to recovery. It does not cure the symptoms as Western medicine does, Chinese medicine considers the human body as an integrated system, using such traditional knowledge as the Meridian system, the theory of Yin and Yang and the doctrine of the five elements. Taking into account the systemic and complex approach to the human body, doctors of Chinese medicine highlight the fundamental principles: isnew harmony with nature, the relationship between consciousness (soul) and body. Continue reading

Folk medicine for the prevention and treatment of influenza – Flu and SARS – the people’s medicine – That everyone should know

Folk medicine for the prevention and treatment of influenza

Folk medicine for the prevention and treatment of influenza has accumulated in the Treasury a lot of knowledge. From generation to generation carefully passed down the advice of traditional healers, experience and family tradition.

And if the flu does not at all times called influenza, and it is known that influenza-like illness was noted in ancient times, the recipes for the treatment of the disease and its many complications can be found in old herbals and medical reference, and in modern books.

Recipes and tips are almost always simple and easy to implement, while raw materials are often at hand. But using the recipes, remember the cautious use of folk remedies.

The most popular means for the prevention of influenza are onions and garlic. In the literature well-known cases of immunity to influenza, if a person regularly eats daily with food 2 medium onions.

Chopped onion pour 0,5 l of boiling milk, allow to infuse for 1 hour in a thermos. To drink with the flu one Cup of hot infusion at night, and the other in the morning.

30 g young shoots or immature cones are boiled in 1 l of milk 10 minutes. Insist 2 hours, strain, drink a glass of warm decoction 3-4 times a day. Continue reading