Season sauerkraut: benefit, harm I.
About the benefits of sauerkraut can talk a long time. It is known that she has a tonic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antibacterial, anticarcinogenic effect. However, in some cases, this food can…

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As animals are diagnosed with diseases
Four-legged diagnosticians could smell the disease. Scientists have long thought that animals have the ability to "feel" human disease. But only recently this hypothesis has received official confirmation. Dr. Ivan…

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Folk medicine for the prevention and treatment of influenza – Flu and SARS – the people’s medicine – That everyone should know

Folk medicine for the prevention and treatment of influenza

Folk medicine for the prevention and treatment of influenza has accumulated in the Treasury a lot of knowledge. From generation to generation carefully passed down the advice of traditional healers, experience and family tradition.

And if the flu does not at all times called influenza, and it is known that influenza-like illness was noted in ancient times, the recipes for the treatment of the disease and its many complications can be found in old herbals and medical reference, and in modern books.

Recipes and tips are almost always simple and easy to implement, while raw materials are often at hand. But using the recipes, remember the cautious use of folk remedies.

The most popular means for the prevention of influenza are onions and garlic. In the literature well-known cases of immunity to influenza, if a person regularly eats daily with food 2 medium onions.

Chopped onion pour 0,5 l of boiling milk, allow to infuse for 1 hour in a thermos. To drink with the flu one Cup of hot infusion at night, and the other in the morning.

30 g young shoots or immature cones are boiled in 1 l of milk 10 minutes. Insist 2 hours, strain, drink a glass of warm decoction 3-4 times a day. Continue reading

Folk medicines

The history of the use of medicinal plants

The people have been treated with herbs. The plants as a folk medicines have always been the main component of any recipe, not counting vegetables, fruits and bee products. Thanks to the archaeologists, it became known that even ancient people experienced the miraculous properties of plants.

Ancient Egypt

The Egyptians wrote on papyrus formulations of herbal drugs and special properties of herbs that had come to them from Assyria and Babylon. Scientists have deciphered the manuscripts, and it became known that Egypt used different grinding, ointments and decoctions with complex composition, as well as aromatic oils, resins and balsams.

In China in the treatment of various diseases has been successfully used ginseng and antlers. In a book called “Fundamentals of pharmacology” were given the characteristics of about 1500 vegetable drugs. This scientific work was still in use in many countries. Continue reading


Physical therapy is a complex therapeutic effect on the human body by using physical factors. These factors can be naturally occurring or be created by man in the process of direct or indirect search.

For example, laser therapy has emerged as an offshoot in the process of military applications of laser weapon, but when effects were detected the effects on biological tissue, such the direction of physical therapy.

Physical therapy is a fairly old method. Ancient people began to understand and use for therapeutic purposes natural physical factors such as water, heat, sun and so on. These were the beginnings, from which began the development of modern physiotherapy. And it should be said that this development has not finished but only just gaining its momentum that is associated with the leap in science and technical progress of humanity.

Physiotherapy is an excellent alternative medical treatment that has no side effects and often give a stronger therapeutic effect. Physical therapy has earned this trust through his soft actions, because all physiotherapeutic procedures use small doses of one or another physical factor. This excludes overdose or negativeone on organs and systems. In addition, in those cases, when to use the medication can not be due to the presence of contraindications, physiotherapy is used without fear or risk. Continue reading